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A Festive Playlist - The Songs I'm listening To

It wouldn't be Christmas without the music, songs which continue to be played every year are still the best. Classics which reach the charts each December and the "That's What I Call Christmas" album (I'm surprised they are not at Now 1000 because there's been so many) 

I'm Finally Starting my December #Blogmas!

I'm starting my #blogmas17 today as my lovely, amazing, handsome fiance swept me away to the Stormont Hotel for whole of last weekend so it's best to say I've been in a complete bubble of happiness since! 

All I Want For Christmas... Lifestyle Wishlist

All I Want For Christmas... Beauty Wishlist

All I Want For Christmas... Fashion Wishlist

Ethan's Diary - 30 Weeks & Still A Kitten

Ethan is just over 30 weeks and finally recognizing his own name which I something I wasn't 100% sure would happen. To make sure he understand it is his name I'm going to make sure I regularly say it to him. 

Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat

Good Morning, Happy Halloween and trick or treat! I love Halloween including this time of year. My sisters birthday, the October colours, Halloween and especially crunching on the leaves that have fallen from the trees. (Never gets old no matter your age)