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Saying Goodbye To My Fur Baby

It's never easy saying goodbye to someone you love and when that someone comes with a tail, four legs and fur it's worse. Can you really 'grieve?' 

It's been quite a year...

After taking a break last May I have decided the time has come to push myself back into the world and the first step in beginning my way down that path is blogging! Blogging has always been a big influence on my life and something which I've enjoyed doing which is why I am excited to start writing on Voluptuous Chatterbox again.. especially as I have a little small thing to organise called . . . .  a . . .  wedding!

** Yep! I'm going to begin this in no date order but with the most happiest news! My partner proposed Christmas Eve 2016 in a personal and intimate way that was special. Ofcourse I said YES so that means I have a wedding to plan. Well in all honestly we have a wedding to plan, he seems to have quite a dew ideas himself and isn't to keen on my bookish or disney themes. (I'll have him in agreement soon though) 

Be Back Soonish

As the sign above says I am taking a much deserved blogging break and will not be blogging for the full month of June. This break may include social media as well. If you would like to get in touch then please do not hesitate to pop an email to voluptuouschatterbox@yahoo.co.uk and I will reply as soon as I am able. 

Take care, 


What I Wore: Floral Smudges

It's been quite awhile since I wrote an outfit post which is why at the weekend when I wore this little outfit I dragged my sister to take pictures. I absolutely love this outfit for one reason! IT'S A DRESS. 

Monday Motivation: Finance

Today's Monday Motivation is all about Finance. It's time to keep track and record down all Money going in as well as going out! The good thing with me is I am a budgeter but also a shopaholic which means those two things don't normally go side by side. 

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Monday Motivation: #VoluptuouslyFit

Last weeks update:

Last weeks Monday Motivation was all about organisation which I believe I've succeeded in doing the last 7 days. I prepped and planned my lunches for work, wrote blog posts, organised days to meet with friends, made time to unwind and relax  plus made necessary appointments so I'm hoping that is a good start to being more organised.  

Monday Motivation: I'm Ready for Organisation!

I often find myself sharing motivational quotes and songs without them actually motivating me which is why I'm actually going to put Motivational Monday to good use through trying to achieve something motivational each week that challenges me. 

Monday Motivation: 14/03/16 - I'm Ready for Organisation