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Ethan's Diary - 30 Weeks & Still A Kitten

Ethan is just over 30 weeks and finally recognizing his own name which I something I wasn't 100% sure would happen. To make sure he understand it is his name I'm going to make sure I regularly say it to him. 

Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat

Good Morning, Happy Halloween and trick or treat! I love Halloween including this time of year. My sisters birthday, the October colours, Halloween and especially crunching on the leaves that have fallen from the trees. (Never gets old no matter your age) 

The Day I flew A Plane (FOR REAL!)

Ever thought about flying a plane? What it would be like to have a birdseye view of the world below? Well I have and this is my experience!

An epiphany with Actions louder than words!

It hit me last week whilst sitting at Liam kitchen table that I'm 25 years old next year! I know I know I turned 24 in August but the sudden realisation that I'm 25 in 2018 has knocked me for six! 

First Date Tips When Meeting From Online Dating Sites

Online dating can be a daunting and embarrassing experience for anyone who gives it a go. Read my post HERE on why my first experience was daunting. I'm not ashamed to admit I was on a dating site. What's the harm in it? Celebrities like Hilary Duff and Anne Robinson gave it a go so why not YOU? 

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This is why I've entered the #FaceOfYours Competition!

Last night my sister shared with me Yours Clothings #FaceOfYours competition and for awhile I contemplated whether to enter and then I came to the realisation that if you're not in then you can't win! I knew I wouldn't win if I didn't enter so at least by entering I have a chance! 

would really appreciate your vote and if you'd like to vote for me follow this link and read what I have to say about the competition!

Catitude Overload - Essentials To Suit A Crazy Cat Lady

Cats have always been an animal favourite of mine and even more now thanks to my little buddy Ethan. Incase you missed his introduction (How Could YOU?) Check it out HERE. When I heard Card Factory had a new range titled Catitude I just knew I was going to want if not all then the majority of the items!