Blogger Guest Post: What's in my handbag?

Blogger Guest Post: What's in my handbag?

A while back I noticed discovered a blog called Pecked to Death by Chickens and saw that they had published a post - 22 Humorous Writing Prompts for bloggers for bloggers to use if stuck on what to share on their. After loving their suggestions I decided to email Susan and ask if she'd like to swap "What's in my handbag" posts as I saw it was one of the things mentioned on the list and quite frankly I'm a nosy person so I was curious as to see what others keep in their bags.. 

Guest Post - Pecked to Death by Chickens 

What’s In My Bag? – A Window Into My Soul (Or At Least My Priorities)

I recently posted a list of 22 Humorous Writing Prompts For Bloggers including doing a “What’s In My Bag?” post. I have been wanting to do it (partly because I have no idea what is in that black hole), and decided to dive in when Kerry-Ann from Voluptuous Chatterbox contacted me about doing a guest post. So we are trading posts and I can’t wait to see what is in her bag! But now for mine…


This is what emerged from the bottomless hobo bag that is my survival kit. I was surprised that it actually had less crap in it than I thought. Who knew that I was a minimalist? Lets get started…

Below you will find the items that reside in the bags inner sanctum – that zippered, hard to get to place where you put things you don’t want others to see, or that you always want to be able to find. For me, this includes a stray diaper for my still in diapers 2 and a half year old (don’t judge), some tampons (4 to be exact - do I get some award for being ultra prepared in the category?) and some Wet Ones hand wipes (because my kids are slimy and apparently I would have to use these with the diaper since I don’t have any wipes).


Next are some boring must haves. A wallet, my checkbook and a pen – all covered with a near-invisible layer of kid dust made of cheerios, Mum-Mums and puffs that swirl around me upon entering or exiting any room.

Okay, now you are going to really start to get to know me. I own very little make-up. I wear even less, however, I am apparently obsessed with Burt's Bees tinted lip balm. Let me break down the colors for you…

Pink Orchid – Pretty much the same color as my flesh. Some call it nude, I call it ‘Look! I have no lips’

Petunia – This is my favorite. It is the same color as my lips, so basically I pay $7.99 to match the lips that are already on my face.

Hibiscus and Rose – Both are too red/dark for me I think, but I still wear them in an attempt to vary my VERY complex make-up routine of what basically amounts to 4 slightly colored ChapSticks.

…Oh and of course some medicated ChapStick because I like my ChapStick to burn a little or it can’t actually be working.

Now we’ve got some cheap sunglasses (with faint coating of aforementioned kid dust), car keys with the dog tags of my dearly departed Marty, a phone charger (oddly my phone was not in my purse) and some barrettes (though I barely have any hair, so not sure when I would have even used them last).

This one is sort of sad…it is my super old iPod and ear buds. The iPod weights as much as a small child, so you know it can’t be one of the newer ones that you can lodge in your nostril without feeling it if you want to. I can’t even remember the last time I used it. Lets not even get into the loads of Hanson and New Edition clogging that thing up.

I have no idea when that Hair Cuttery comb was acquired since I have not allowed them to touch my locks since the scalping of 1985.

The post-it has a short grocery list and the specifics on some tequila I went out to replenish recently for my father in-law. I know nothing about buying tequila (I like a margarita though!), so I had to bring notes.


And finally (see I told you I was a minimalist!), the stuff from the bottom of the bag with a visible coating of kid dust…

My son’s epi pen -- peanut allergy :o(

Remnants of wrapper from a caramel filled chocolate bar I snuck into the only movie I saw this year -- alone. I may have well have written ‘pathetic’ on it and stuck it to my forehead as I left the theater.

My pen (it somehow snuck into 2 photos)…it is a Dr. Grip pen and my favorite kind. I am a bit of a pen snob. Black ink only for me.

A poker chip from Condado Plaza in Puerto Rico – this fell out of my husbands pants pocket when I dropped him at the airport once when we were dating and I guess I kept it for good luck. I mean anything from the proximity of his bum must be a collectors item right?

A pair of kids mittens that my kids refuse to wear and almost fit my tiny pixie hands.

And finally, the piece de resistance…a solitary french fry. Withered and cold, I’m pretty sure this is in most mom bags. They may even slip it in there in the store at check out as a badge of some sort. We don’t know how it got there and if we remove it, we will find its offspring a month later.


Author of Pecked To Death By Chickens, Susan Maccarelli is a temporarily-retired sales and account management professional who has been a stay at home mom since 2010. As mom to 2 toddlers, wife to a work-from-home husband and executive director of the Maccarelli family meals, activities, cleaning, laundry, shopping, real estate endeavors, travel and general errands, she derives constant inspiration for her blog from the little annoyances that pop up daily as she tries to keep an eye on all the moving parts. Susan enjoys travel, reading, cooking and talking about herself in the third person. In fact, Susan is writing this bio about herself right now. Follow Susan’s blog on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Find out what's in my handbag on Susans blog HERE.

What do you keep in your bag? Anything items others would shocked at? Do you keep anything the same as Susan and I does in yours?

Grans 80th Birthday Party..

Grans 80th Birthday Party..

My granny turned 80 recently and as a way to celebrate we had a *surprise* party for her on Sunday... the reason the surprise has wee stars round it is because I told her last month thinking she knew about it.. I found out it was meant to be a surprise when the invite came.. though either she has a good poker face or she genuinely did forget.. I'm going for the latter :) 

The celebration was held in a wee hall not far from where I live and everything was set up so lovely and it really was really nice....

Have you ever jumped into an ocean surrounded by sharks? No? You're smart! I'm not.. cause that's my logic when it comes to my *family*. We don't get on.. or they just don't like me that much.. aw well I thought it was going to be fine but then my sister pulled out of going and next my brother and his partner did... so my only allies were gone.. except of course for my dad and his partner though my dad never took his eyes of me and kept watching me like a hawk case I did or said something every time I so much as moved.. (that might have been due to the point an MP was there who I dislike because his party voted against equal marriage in NI and I wanted to corner him and ask him for his policies.. apparently he's friends with my granny Lily.. that's what he calls her about 50 times.. after his whole 3 hour speech (exaggeration 4 minutes) on how he's happy to be there.. yeah probs to get votes as election is in two days! )

Waow I apologise I babbled straight there but I know what'll it make you feel better from reading my nonsense.. cupcakes! LOOKIE: 

ROLO CUPCAKE! (Not nice.. had gooey stuff inside :()

LEFT - RIGHT: Me, My granny and my dad! 

My granny and I! 

All in all it turned out to be an okay day.. I didn't stay for the full three hours only half of that but it was for my granny and she enjoyed herself which is the main thing... :) 

Kerry-Ann xx

Have you ever went somewhere purely to support someone else? What was it like? 



Gah! I've shared it to twitter, facebook and also text nearly everyone in my phone oh and now I'm posting it here! I'm waiting for someone to go *yeah we know already get over it* but honestly? I don't think I've done a happy dance yet!

For 5 years I've been trying to complete this one level and have never got the grasp of it.. I never understand it and I never thought I'd get it! BUT I finally did which is why I'm so excited about finally achieving my numeracy level 2! (Yeah only level 2 and am stuck) I'm so content with this level that I am NEVER going any higher.. well maybe... perhaps.. we'll wait and see! Never say never isn't that what they say?
I find it incredibly alarming the rush you're able to get just by achieving something you've been working hard to do. I find I'm asking myself already (Can we remember I passed just a few hours ago) what's next? What am I going to do next? What do I think I can achieve or what will I set my mind to? I have a few ideas although whether they come about is another thing... I have a feeling they won't but hey it's still nice to dream! 
Emma Watson is
I've received SO MANY lovely messages today, mostly to do with my numeracy but not all and it's shown me that I view myself very differently than others do.. so I'm going to try and see myself the way others do!
This post may not make that much sense as it's 01:16 and I've been up from 7am so I'm a tad tired.. :-/ but hey I included GIFs!
Have you felt happy or got a sudden rush from something you passed or achieved? What was it?

I FINALLY joined Instagram? Have you?

I FINALLY joined Instagram? Have you?

I finally joined Instagram! Have you? Or am I behind on the times? I deleted quite alot of my phone just so I could this! I'm obsessed with taking pictures or everything and anything so I'm really excited about this! I'm really easily amused I know :)
Here is a link to my instagram:
Do you have any tips or advice for me that I should know? Who to follow? I do have one question how do I search for people? Let me know!

April Monthly Roundup

April Monthly Roundup

April has been quite a busy yet calm month for me and instead of writing numerous posts one after the other (as it's the end of April so I'd be a it late) I decided to do a post about my whole month rolled into one post!

This post is divided up into different sections and headers so everything is easy to find and read.

April blog posts: Read about...
  • The fundraising coffee morning I went to HERE and all about I bought!
  • My Review of LMcG Jewellery HERE plus on how to nab your own!
  • My online dating experience and why I show my middle finger to it.. all HERE.
  • My Review of Minajesty, Nicki Minaj's NEWEST perfume HERE.

I never blogged about my Easter which was fab, how was yours? I baked a cake, got a massive mini eggs Easter egg from my mum plus she bought me lunch, my dad got me an MP3 player and I got Ice-cream ;)


Friday 18 I went to the Circuit of Ireland Rally (video coming soon!) Which to be honest I REALLY enjoyed! For the duration of the time I stood for (well over 2 hours) all ya got to see and hear was *zoom... zoom... zoom... zoom* get the drift? so to enjoy it you would have had to be a fan of racing and cars.. my sister who I dragged to it with me unfortunately was not..


I finally had a very late spring clean which was way overdue and now I have a wooden floor *cheers* my floor is ALWAYS covered in books, clothes, make-up, bits and bobs.. sorta everything but NOW I have a floor I can walk in my room and I can lie stretched out on the floor in the shape of a star fish and still have room. :D It's great now I don't have to try and find wee spots to put my feet to get from the door to my bed.


There's a few things happening in May which I'm looking forward to, my grannys 80th party, (need a new outfit)  swapping "What's in my handbag" guest posts with a blogger, I really need email those like pronto! I keep forgetting things! Last week I even forgot my age! :o (Not crazy!)

What about you? How was April for you? Anything exciting happening in the month ahead?