Too much information . . . .

Too much information . . . .

Recently it has been brought to my attention that perhaps I'm sharing just a little to much information regarding my personal life online. I've been judged, insulted and criticised by doing this which is why I'm pulling in the reigns a bit and taking a step back for a while. (basically the weekend because then my blog is getting re-designed so until then okies?) 

I never knew how many people would actually pay attention to my blog (which is shocking to think about) but I've honestly realised that a couple of my most recent posts have been blown out of context and therefore since been removed as they have left a bad impersonation and reflection of myself! I'm still trying to smooth out crinkles by knowing what I'm going to be able to talk about now but since I've always said I'll be honest I won't stop now. 

Some people have found it embarrassing or uncomfortable me blogging about OCD. OCD should make no one feel that way and I don't believe I can stop blogging about it. I also refuse to be censored because someone might not like what I want to share! I'm going to reign it in on the REALLY personal and utter nonsense posts but since this is mainly a personal blog where can the line be drawn? Well that's me now referring back to those crinkles! 

My usual *bubblyness* isn't in this post although I'm certain I'll have it back soon just stick with me till the weekend and I'll have everything sorted out!


Kerry-Ann xx