Good Morning Sunshine!

Good Morning Sunshine!

Good Morning Sunshine! 

I woke up this morning with a super bright smile on my face and literally a bright clear blue sky from my back door as you can see from the below image! :D This is a shock for Northern Ireland as we've had two good days a row! Please let me not jinx this! *Fingers Crossed* I can feel the heat from the sunshine against my back as I write this and it feels amazing! :D 

I've also been playing music for the last hour and a bit with the back-door open and just realised all my neighbours have their blinds and curtains closed.... hope my music doesn't woke them! 

A couple of exciting things have been happening for me in my personal life which I have yet to share and thought best to now before the news becomes old news! :D 

I was recently studying my Business Level 3 and I am super happy to share I PASSED! For a while there I didn't think I was going to get finished before my deadline BUT I managed to and am just waiting now for the certificate to come through! :D 

While studying one day a week I was on a work placement for 8 months and am thoroughly happy as they've decided to offer me a full time position for 6 months! :D I'm honestly glad because I thought they were going to have to kick me out the door when the time came to leave, I really didn't want to!

As a way to congratulate myself for working hard and passing I bought these stationary pretties! I'm obsessed with pretty notebooks and pens and positive this time I will use them... Maybe! I normally don't ever write in them and just have a collection of notebooks!

I'm also planning a couple of other ways to celebrate which are alot more extravagant than stationary buying but have to remain tight-lipped at the moment as they all involve my sister +Megan McDade and I want it to be a surprise! :D

I know she's slightly scared as her suggestions so far to what she thinks I'm planning are zorbing, zip-lining and diving! What can I say they are all on my bucket list! Diving in the murky waters of Northern Ireland sounds quite.... exciting to me! Although to my sister most likely not! :D 

For her benefit I will say it's going to be an adventure for us both! :D 

Now I have to go get ready to meet her for a shopping trip! 

Hope your day is bright and sunny! What are your plans?

Kerry-Ann xx 

#PSBloggerLove: My Big Fat Blog

#PSBloggerLove: My Big Fat Blog

The fabulous Debs over at Wannabe Princess has this amazing idea that 20th March was going to be a celebration of #PSBloggerLove! To catch up on all the Love use the hashtag *#PSBloggerLove* on any of your social networking sites to check out what's been happening! 

My blog post is going to be on Lisa from my BIG FAT blog

I absolutely LOVE Lisa's style and believe she looks amazing in all her pictures, I especially like how she shares her work outfits! I always struggle with what to wear to work and am never really any good at experimenting but I'm definitely going to be nosying through and taking tips for work wear! More so now Summer will be here soon! :) 

Top 5 favourite posts from Lisa: 

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What do you think of PSBloggerLove? Will you be checking it out?

Kerry-Ann x x

OOTD: Feeling Blue

OOTD: Feeling Blue

This outfit is so out of my comfort zone that I <3 it! I kept nosying at this Kimono for weeks on the New Look website that one night I got sticky fingers and (not accidentally) bought a new pair of jeggings as well! Woops! #SorryNotSorry

I was abit sceptical of ordering clothes online as normally from other retailers the sizing isn't great but the sizing with the Kimono is perfect!

I haven't posted an outfit post in quite a while but I have been on quite a few shopping sprees mainly consisting of Primark, New Look, Asda & Evans and have a few for the near future to share! 

From the pictures you can't really see but the jeggings are bright blue and so comfy, they are the perfect fit!