An epiphany with Actions louder than words!

It hit me last week whilst sitting at Liam kitchen table that I'm 25 years old next year! I know I know I turned 24 in August but the sudden realisation that I'm 25 in 2018 has knocked me for six! 

Where is my sex and the city lifestyle? My tall barbie doll like body and hair? My city job as a top journalist and also my studio London Apartment? 

It's quite hard to believe that I did actually have those goals in mind when I was a youngster. I thought that when I grew up and matured I'd turn into one the women I saw on the TV or in magazines unfortunately it doesn't work like that which now I am thankful for. I couldn't stand not eating those barbie dolls of mine never ate any food or wore underwear! (The no bra thing I could so get down with but I don't have plastic boobs) 

I have decided it's time I think about and take into consideration what I want from life, what I need from this life and most importantly what's going to make me happy? I have decided to shake up my comfort zone although not too much and write a list of 25 goals I'd like to achieve by the time I am 25 years old! Read them below and let me know what you think in the comments or if you have any tips on how to do them tell me! 

1 - Have a go to style 
2 - Do something scary 
3 - Go on Holiday
4 - Start to save
5 - Throw a party
6 - Holiday/weekend with Mum & sister
7 - Holiday/weekend with Liam
8 - Learn to say no
9 - Have confidence in my everyday life
10 - Wear the clothes I want
11 - Volunteer
12 - Do a photoshoot
13 - Put things back in their place 
14 - Fly a cessna 172 (Again!) 
15 - Manage my finances and know what I spend my money on
16 - Have an expensive perfume
17 - Buy myself a piece or jewellery
18 - Get a manicure
19 - Earn money through crafting
20 - Make a success of my blogs (frequent views, comments etc) 
21 - Write a book
22 - Swim 
23 - Dance (In the rain is optional)
24 - Live in the moment
25 - Have fun! 

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