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Voluptuous Chatterbox is a personal little world filled with daily thoughts, outfit posts, product reviews, thoughts on fashion, beauty as well as a journey to self & body acceptance! 

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Hello! Welcome to Voluptuous Chatterbox, pull up a seat and have a read! In a relatively large town outside Belfast on a rainy day (I'm assuming) a plus-size redhead sat pondering what to call the new blog she'd been dreaming of for years but been to shy to start. Hiding in her private book blogging world of books for 4 years she finally decided to put the book down, take the plunge and Voluptuous Chatterbox was made!

My names Kerry-Ann and I'm a 22 year old from Northern Ireland who loves nothing more than getting lost in a good book preferably by one of my favourite authors. I have many other passions in life which include shopping, fashion, make-up, writing, sharing my opinion on just about everything and social media! All of which you'll find right here.. (plus posts on dating, daily life & any other topic that wants to be written!) 

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Where I'm most likely sharing pictures of my cat Tiddles who I've had since my 6th Birthday and has lived a life fit for a Queen ever since!

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