Food: Pizza Sodas

13 Feb 2014

Being a vegetarian who doesn't eat vegetarian food can be quite frustrating sometimes when looking for something time consuming to eat. Especially for me as I'm a really fussy eater and have really bad problems with food. Which is why am all excited I can finally cook something tasty and quick which equals super awesome dinner for me. Wanna know what this awesome tasty dish is? Well pizza sodas.. I know come to think of it they are actually quite simple to cook BUT this is coming from someone who melts chocolate forgetting to add water to the saucepan and burns microchips.. (don't ask how... no really don't)

I discovered these in a local shop already made and have been quite addicted to them recently so feel my happiness slip away (or more like bloody dragged away in this weather) when there was none left on Sunday ALTHOUGH my very smart father was quick to point out I could make them *que lots of woohoos* only for him to tell me he was supervising incase I burnt his kitchen.. (from past record I see his point)

While he went out and got all the ingredients I stayed and blasted Avicci and One Direction through his TV... the songs below to be precise...

No sooner was he back and yacking at me to turn the telly down that we were able to begin! *que more woohoos*

This is the process in images... :D

1, Plain Patton's Soda bread (I think this is an Irish thing.. or perhaps that's potato bread)

2, Pizza Topping (This one is so nice)

3, The pizza topping spread on top of the soda.

4, Tesco grated cheese.. (I've tried it with others since and I think generally ya can use any cheese)

5, Cheese sprinkled on top (I had so much fun doing this part.. made me feel all Italino)

6, Left in the grill for 4-6 minutes depending on how you like it... to me it's perfect!

Doesn't it look yummy??

 What do you think? Do you know anything quick and simple I could cook? (I'm a veggie so my choice is limited)

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