Introduction to A Voluptuous Chatterbox

12 Feb 2014

Heyo! :) I'm Kerry-Ann, a 20 year old plus-size girl from Northern Ireland. I'm addicted to reading, chocolate, pigs, shopping, crafting and talking. Read more about me HERE.

I've started a personal blog about maybe 30 times? I know what your thinking WTH! I had started *Blog of A Northern Irish Girl* a few years back but try saying that in one breath it was not fun. I had never really known what to blog about on it plus considering the fact it made me feel quite boxed in like all I was was A Northern Irish Girl so I tinkered about with numerous other blog always though importing and exporting all the posts which didn't really make it a *new* blog... not really.

After spending days (and countless days) deciding a name my very kind sister Megan thought of Voluptuous Chatterbox... Apparently saying I'm a chatterbox is a nicer way of saying I ramble.. alot! ;)

The Voluptuous part well.. that's also a nice way she describes my body when am complaining about me humps and bumps or calling myself fat her reply will be "You're NOT fat.. you're just well... voluptuous." She does mean it in a good way.. Right?

It's actually quite a shock to the system that I have a blog name like this and also that I added that wee bit in the previous paragraph. You see about 3-6 months ago I would never have dreamt of saying things like that or even have been considering the posts I'm gonna write on this blog but when the new year came around with new expectations, dreams, hope and belief I had a sudden  fleeting thought of "WTH why not" so this year that's exactly my view on things. For anything am unsure about or anything am scared of you can be that response will be filtering its way through my head. :)

I have many things planned for this blog although I'm going to take it all in my stride and just let it all flow with time. This is all about embracing who I am and learning to be comfortable in my own skin but most importantly not really giving a hoot on what people say or think about me. :)

It will be a place filled with opinions, thoughts, photos, crafting, food, baking and literally me rambling! I also hope to take a few outfit posts in time because I'm getting so into fashion atm although when I say getting into fashion I mean having more of a personal style.

This is the first post on Voluptuous Chatterbox because I will NOT be transferring the original posts from previous blogs I may re publish them in time but for now this is all new. 

A Voluptuous Chatterbox <3<3

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