My Valentines Day...

15 Feb 2014

Today I saw this tweet on The Single Womans Twitter account..

So that's exactly what I done. I celebrated me by blogging, writing, treating myself and eating chocolate! :) I even kissed a frog hoping it will turn into a giant one as you can see below..

I've been in love with red roses for as long as I can remember so instead of looking on and seeing women receiving them I had my WTH fleeting thought went out and bought two long stem red roses for myself and want to know something? I will so be purchasing myself flowers in the future because it felt amazing.. aren't they beautiful?

I've always loved roses but thought it odd if I bought them for myself so this year I thought WTH and did just that! :) As you can see I'm deliriously happy with them! :)

My mother also treated me to a chocolate eclair...

And I also kissed a frog.. I hate frogs but Kermits a frog.. so it's a moot point plus this one is chocolate so am hoping instead of a prince he turns into a giant chocolate frog! :D

Plus I bought this clear nail polish with hearts from Poundland and it's so amazing! (Better than I thought it was going to be) It drys so quick even in top of previous nail polish. See look... (It's not that clear but you can sort of make them out.

 What about you? How did you celebrate Valentines day?

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