The Single Woman 30 Day Challenge: Day 1 - And why are YOU still Single?

15 Feb 2014

It's the first day after Valentines.. not like we singletons could really forget the date is it? For 14 days everywhere we look shop window displays are filled with bright red hearts and *14 February* all thrown across them plus don't forget the big teddy bears holding chocolates, the adverts on the telly for cards, the bouquets of roses all sitting neatly in Tesco waiting for someone to buy them, then there's balloons, bags, rings and to top it all off our facebook newsfeed being chocker block with everyone posting pictures of what their lovelies got them. (Can someone grab me a sick bucket while I puke?)

I'm not jealous! I'm really not. I know you're sitting right there reading this now and asking "Are you really sure about that?" well YES I am actually (and no I'm really not demented) I just don't get what all the fuss is about for Valentines day and I also don't get why some people think wee singletons sit and mourn this day because we don't have someone to spend it with or because we don't have a man or woman to buy us stuff.

Well I decided this year I really was happy being single and I didn't need nor want a man to buy me things or spend time with so I treated myself to a few things.. wanna know something? I actually chose to do this! I did get a few invitations to go out but I thought having a relaxing night in sounded more appealing. Read more about my Valentines Day HERE.

There's one person who has shown me it's alright to be single and embracing my singleness and that is The Single Woman herself whose books and daily inspirational quotes I am obsessed with so que my *happy face* when I came across The Single Woman 30 Day challenge while nosying on her site, sure it is from quote a while ago and was never completed but I decided to start it today and continue everyday answering the 30 questions Mandy Hale A.K.A The Single Woman asks... will YOU join me to?

For more information and the full list of questions check out HERE. If you've took part leave a link below to your post I'd love to read it.

Now.. let the challenge begin!

Day: 1
Question: "And why are YOU still single?" 

"Um... well... uh...." *Que awkward smile and quick glance around* while urgently telling my brain to hurry up and think of something... anything that sounds remotely okay but...

When you've been told your not good enough or verbally abused for five years of your life it begins to take it's toll! Days are a struggle to get through and nights are considerably longer. If you think your not good enough yourself why shouldn't you believe others won't think the same thing? How do you know the person who asks this question isn't thinking that?
So why am I still single? I'm single because I want to experience what life can offer me now, become the woman I want to be and concentrate on myself for a change!

As The Single Woman says.. I'm single because I WANT TO BE! This is will be my reply now to anyone who asks me why I'm still single.
What about you? Why are YOU still single?

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