The Single Woman 30 Day Challenge: Day 3 - When has being single been really awesome?

17 Feb 2014

It's day 3 of the single woman 30 day challenge and todays question is...

Describe a moment or a day when being single was really awesome

Okay.. so it's totes opposite of yesterdays question LOL so here goes..
I wouldn't really say that I've ever had a moment or day when being single has been *really* awesome. I'm happy being single, concentrating on putting number 1 first for a change. I think these people who say there, "Young, free and Single" really dreadfully don't want to be and also people who state they're happy being single because they don't need to "report" to anyone on what there plans are.

But if you're in a relationship and you feel you have to report your plans to your partner that feels a bit controlling to me.. doesn't it to you? So without going of topic being single has never been awesome but it's never exactly been really bad either. Yeah it's sucked a few times but if it's what you want then surely everyday is awesome? Right?

What about you? When has being single been really awesome for you? OR are you like me and everyday is neither awesome or dreadful?

More information on the 30 day single challenge is HERE. If you've took part leave a link below to your post I'd love to read it.

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