The Single Woman 30 Day Challenge: Day 8 - Five things that are most important to you in a future mate.

22 Feb 2014

Hah! I am LOVING todays question! 

For more info on the challenge check out HERE. If you've took part leave a link below to your post I'd love to read it.

 Five things that are most important to you in a future mate.
1, MUST have a red room of pain..
2, They have to look H.O.T in a suit..
3, Has to want to take care of me!
4, Have to care about my eating habits that they want me to eat more.
5.. There urm.. uh initials have to be C.G
6, Must be CEO of their OWN company..
7, They have to be ALL the above although acted out by NI actor (YES NI ACTOR) JAMIE DORMAN! ;)
Okay... FINE back to reality.. *sighs*

If I'm honest I don't like this question, family and friends tend to always tell me "God help the man you end up with" or "the man you end up with will need an award for being with you" Yeah.. okay so the man I end up with - If I end up with a man, I mean I could end up alone with loads of books instead of cats! I can hardly look after myself so no pets allowed! - will have to have patience of a saint but really gimme a break already! It's getting boring!

There is a quote by Marilyn Monroe which my mum always maintains describes me and also tells me I shouldn't settle for someone who doesn't do it..

I have major OCD which leaves me with really bad anxiety so if I find a man who can live with that and has patience while I do my rituals I would be a very happy woman!

Apart from that here are my five most important things..

1, I'm a talker and I love talking about the news, or celebs or books! So he has to be a good listener but at the same time a good communicator AND intelligent! :) I'm a bit ditsy so not too smart or I'd fall asleep. I want him to take an interest in what I tell him and I will do the same. (sometimes)

2, He has to be able to make me laugh and have a sense of humour.. if he can make me smile and laugh he could make me do anything... ;)

3, I've read Mills & Boon since for about 5 years now so I want the love and passion and romance I read on those pages especially the small little day to day gestures then it's not there in the relationship.. (I'm not a romantic person BUT am sure there's one man out there that can make me go all mushy there has to be)

4, Trust! I need trust! We have to be able to tell each other our feelings, our emotions and troubles! To lean on each other when things get bad and be there in those happy moments as well.

5, Stability: I'm sorry but I need to know if he's in it for the weekend or if he's in it long term..

Obviously there are more I want.. but those are my 5 that I believe are important AFTER the OCD. The Beatles though are correct.. when it comes down to it "all you need is love..." (and ya can find it in a good book!)

What about you? What are your five most important things in a future mate?

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