The Single Woman 30 Day Challenge: Day 11 - Describe Your Worst/Funniest/Most Embarrassing Date

25 Feb 2014

Well THIS is embarrassing right here as I've NEVER been on a date but I have plenty of time to go on a few dates in the future so it's good. :) so since I can't actually talk about my worst/funniest/most embarrassing date shall I just talk about my most funny/worst/embarrassing memory? (Cause av had a few of those)

1, Gotta be when I was meeting friends at the cinema and instead of walking under the road using the footpath provided I decided to cross the road and then walk down a very steep mucky hill (It'd been raining the night before so was slippery) I climbed over the fence and started walking slowly down the hill.. literally two seconds later I had slipped and got my back and all down my trousers all muddy... a friend quickly reassured me it wasn't so bad and we carried onto the cinema. Later when I got home and checked the damage I was covered in muck! (I'd been to the cinema like that, down the town like that, and also to the shopping centre like that! :()

2, One day during the summer I'd spent roughly about 7 hours on my trampoline so when my sister called off I bounced of the trampoline and into the house.. I'd spent only about 4 minutes in the living room with her (before ya read on I am NOT crazy I was having a little off day) I was standing beside the window and got the overwhelming urge to do a seat drop so jumped up in the air put my feet out and instead of bouncing right back up again like on the trampoline (which I still thought I was on) instead i went smack down hard on the wooden floor and couldn't sit down for quite some time.. my sister went into hysterics and couldn't stop laughing.. even to this day when she needs a pick me up Megan will think of this memory and laugh again.. hysterically at my expense..

3, Another embarrassing memory was at my cousins wedding and I'd had a few to many vodka cokes and cocktails. I was so thirsty from dancing that many people were supplying me with drinks cause I kept drinking them so fast. I can't remember parts of that night although I can remember sitting down in a chair to catch my breath and falling back giggling with my legs up in the air.. (I was also wearing a dress) TBH I haven't worse a dress since and I also haven't consumed that much alcohol since. (I hated the feeling of being out of control and not remembering so I have a cocktail once a year to celebrate my birthday)

So there my top three embarrassing and worst and funny memories.. :( I can't believe am going to publish this! :O

What about you? Do you have a worst, funny or embarrassing date OR memory ya wanna share? (Please do it'll make m feel better!)

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