The Single Woman 30 Day Challenge: Day 12 - Your proudest accomplishment.

26 Feb 2014

Omg day 12 already am being so open with myself during this challenge I hope I continue to be! For more info on the challenge check out HERE. If you've took part leave a link below to your post I'd love to read it.

My proudest accomplishment is...

... still standing here today! From the years of bullying in school, my occurring battle with OCD and Anxiety after everything that people have threw at me I'm proud to say I'M STILL STANDING and no matter what anyone throws my way I will get through it.

The time stops now for people to try and tell me I'm not worth it! Because I am! I am worth it and I deserve to be happy along with everyone else. I will fight for what I believe in and fight to make my dreams come true.. (whatever they may be)

We make our own happiness in this world and if I believe I can make myself happy and do what I can and believe in what I do then I will be happy. (As long as there is chocolate and a book store near by ofcourse!)

All the bad choices I've made, lies and drama I'll put it down to be being young and put I will be strong enough to accept it, let it all go and put it behind me in the past where it belongs. I can't change anything or the outcome of situations that have happened but I can change the way I move forward now and the way my future goes. (I'm actually proud of that.. I need remind myself of this and drill it into my head to start really believing it)

As Tulisa says.. in her song Young..

"-I make mistakes that I learn from
Cause I'm young, yeah I'm young
I'm sorry I'm not even done
Cause I'm young, yeah I'm young
Don't worry 'bout what I'll become
It's just fun, it's just fun
I scream at the top of my lungs
It's just fun, it's just fun"
"Forgive me for what I have done 'cause I'm young"

(Even though we can't always blame things on being young because we do know right from wrong)
(Copied from Direct Lyrics  full copyright goes to them and/or Tulisa)

What about YOU? What's your proudest accomplishment?

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