The Single Womans 30 Day Challenge: Day 27 - Talk about something that you really, really, really love about yourself.

16 Mar 2014

I am taking part in The Single Woman’s 30 Day challenge... More info is HERE. If you've took part leave a link below to your post I'd love to read it.

 Talk about something that you really, really, really love about yourself.

Well this is easy but also hard because lately I've been loving myself more and more because I've realised that each and every one of us can all point out our faults to someone because NO ONE out there is ever going to be 100% happy with how they look (even people that say they are it's so not true... so I believe!) People can say we have great legs, or nice hair or what we're wearing is lovely but inside we'll be thinking I wish my legs were longer or skinnier... or my hair was smoother or even why did I wear this today! 

So thinking about what I love it's between... my smile or my hair...

Why do I love these things about myself you ask..

Well, I <3 my smile because there was a period in my life where I NEVER smiled so when I see myself smiling now it makes me happy to know I GOT OVER IT and feel like I can embrace the world! :)

After suffering years of being bullied because of my hair colour I actually LOVE it now.. I've dyed it red, blonde and even blonde highlights (as you can see below)

but now I'm like frig it I love ginger! YES GINGER.. I always maintained it was strawberry blonde when I was younger but I can even blame my fiery temper on my hair colour it's fab.. it's thick, in good condition, can style it anyway I possibly want why wouldn't I love it? ;)

What about you? What do YOU really really really love about yourself?

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