The Single Womans 30 Day Challenge: Day 21 - How would you pitch a reality show about yourself? To what network?

6 Mar 2014

I am taking part in The Single Woman’s 30 Day challenge... More info is HERE. If you've took part leave a link below to your post I'd love to read it.

(I am skipping question 20... and going straight to 21! Woohoo!)

How would you pitch a reality show about yourself? To what network?
Okay prepare yourself cause av REALLY thought long and hard about this and also had a brain storming session with my sis so lets get started... (am acting like this is real LMAO)
It would defo have to be on E4 something along the lines and similar to My Mad Fat Diary although could be called The Ginger Blond.. (+Megan McDade came up with the name incase ya think am making fun of blonde's which am not.. but she may be ;))
Do you know sometimes when you're so serious about something but people think you're joking? WELL that happens with me alot..
A few examples....
1, I've been addicted to pigs for as long as I can remember. I also LOVE Miss Piggy apparently I'm like her because she's bossy and demanding and tells people what to do.. (I DON'T) A few years back I watching The Muppet's take Manhattan, The scene was of Miss Piggy and Kermit in a horse drawn carriage.. The wee old men Muppet's were in front and laughing at a pig and a frog being a carriage. At this point I got so offended and started ranting off to my sister that now wee boys watching this wil start calling all wee girls pigs in schools and it's not fair.. my sister kept yelling but she is a pig.. and I kept yelling at her telling her to stop being so childish.. so.. cue my surprise when I give * MISS PIGGY* a thorough look and figure out she is in fact a pig.. (I am not stupid and NO the name has never gave it away)
2, Living in Northern Ireland and being apart of the UK there is always talk about becoming apart of Ireland and becoming a United Ireland instead of staying part of the UK.
When I was watching the weather forecast a few days ago it said Ireland was dry and NI/UK were going to be wet and rainy.. so I got all excited thinking we would have dry weather to because we'd have the same weather as Ireland.. When I asked my sister this she laughed .......... and laughed.......... and continued laughing...... and coughed.... and once again laughed! Apparently it don't work like this...
3, Recently when reading a magazine I came across a little snippet that Kanye West wanted to get married in space. At which point I got pissed of how a father would want to leave his new child to get married in space.. (because obviously you couldn't bring a child into space) I started ranting about how surely Kim Kardashion would be more wise and tell him no.. When my mum asked what the big deal was I pointed out that it was reckless for him to want to go to space to get married because he couldn't be apart of his childs life then and she'd never meet him or get to know him and it would be horrible.. I said it takes 100 years to get to space and he wants to do this on a whim.. CRAZY! Yep I apologise because it doesn't take 100 years to get to space apparently it can take minutes... hours and days depending on your particular destination...
So yeah.. I think my reality show would be funny but dramatic.. I so need my own show it would be super awesome! :D LOL
What about you? How would you pitch a relatity show about yourself?

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