Beauty Review: Minajesty - Nicki Minaj

28 Apr 2014

As the seasons are changing and the better weather coming in I decided I needed a fresh, fruity and girly scent to wear! For Christmas I got Diesel Loverdose Tattoo and although I still love it I really wanted something to get me in the mood for summer so when I saw all the exclusive deals The Perfume Shop were offering I knew it was my perfect opportunity to look no further for the perfect buy.

I was spritzing my sister with all the testers to see which one I preferred when the shop assistant told me about Minajesty. As soon as it was sprayed I knew it was the perfect one! It's sweet, light and not at all like my normal preference.. plus it sorta smells like the cocktail Cosmopolitan. ;) (To me anywho)

Another fab thing? It came with a black bag.. since my old one had only just ripped two days prior to buying this I think it was the best thing all round!
Perfume information:
30 mls
Price: £23.50

I love how the shape of the bottle is Nicki Minaj! It's makes it more unique than a boring old square bottle! :)

Have you bought any new perfumes recently you recommend I give a try? What do you think of Minajesty?


  1. I have never tried this brand, but the bag alone is almost tempting. :) I hate heavy perfumes as they give me head aches. My favourite perfume is Gucci II. It's expensive, but a great all round perfume. Love it.

    1. haha that's I felt! I fell in love with the bag as soon as I saw it! :) Especially in the good weather to you don't want heavy ones.. I've never smelt Gucci I'll have to check it out.. is it a particular smell or name you like? xx