Fundraising Coffee Morning

18 Apr 2014

Last Saturday my dads partner invited my sister and I to an Autism Coffee morning, at first I was hesitant to agree but my sister burst on there with her guldering voice and said yes.. so then I was put on the spot and ofcourse I couldn't say no.. could I?

My thoughts ran wild the week leading up to it and my anxiety was literally going haywire, was I really going to send myself into a crowded room full of strangers where I'd most likely be scared the whole time and obsessed with what they were thinking about me or where the closest exit was? Well as I keep trying to convince myself I'm not a mind reader as sad as that is I'm not.. so I did exactly that! I went.. I saw.. I enjoyed.. I conquered! (Mostly because I found out there would be stalls where I could buy things. When anxious or in doubt of yourself.. GO SHOPPING! ;)

The surprising thing is I thoroughly enjoyed myself, everyone was incredibly nice and I don't think I've been that relaxed in a crowd for years.. I also felt so comfortable in myself I ate.. two cupcakes people and 2 bits of bread! (I sound crazy right?) Although when you rarely eat in public because you're nervous about what people think about you then it gets to be a sort of recurring habit. I conquered that though! :)

Enough about all that though look what goodies I have from the day:

My dad saw me taking an interest in this wee jewellery box (£10) (pictured below) and when I was outside getting some air he went and bought it for me. :) The special thing about this is it's all hand painted and decoupaged by LMcG Jewellery and Crafts.

I bought this necklace (£8) of the same designer which is also handmade, I think things are much more special when someone has put so much effort and work into something.

My lovely sister bought me a pink flowery purse as an Easter present for being such an amazing sister.. :)

Admire the box thought it came in first..

And finally I bought this scarf.. :)
Isn't it pretty? I love the bright colours as it feels so springy summery!
My dad bought loads of raffle tickets and he gave my sister and I two rows each.. we made a deal (well I did) if one of the numbers we had got called out then we could pick the prize.. the first number called I had.. although my sister with her voice again called out picking the cupcakes below..
the second number called out? Megan had it.. yeah you heard her voice again this time wanting ribbons! Can I be angry though I didn't get to pick? Damn no way! Them cupcakes were amazing! (I even had two.. or three ;))

All in all it was a really fun day and I am so glad I made the right decision to go..
How did you spend your Saturday?

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