Grans 80th Birthday Party..

20 May 2014

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My granny turned 80 recently and as a way to celebrate we had a *surprise* party for her on Sunday... the reason the surprise has wee stars round it is because I told her last month thinking she knew about it.. I found out it was meant to be a surprise when the invite came.. though either she has a good poker face or she genuinely did forget.. I'm going for the latter :) 

The celebration was held in a wee hall not far from where I live and everything was set up so lovely and it really was really nice....

Waow I apologise I babbled straight there but I know what'll it make you feel better from reading my nonsense.. cupcakes! LOOKIE: 

ROLO CUPCAKE! (Not nice.. had gooey stuff inside :()

LEFT - RIGHT: Me, My granny and my dad! 

My granny and I! 

All in all it turned out to be an okay day.. I didn't stay for the full three hours only half of that but it was for my granny and she enjoyed herself which is the main thing... :) 

Kerry-Ann xx

Have you ever went somewhere purely to support someone else? What was it like? 
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8 May 2014

Gah! I've shared it to twitter, facebook and also text nearly everyone in my phone oh and now I'm posting it here! I'm waiting for someone to go *yeah we know already get over it* but honestly? I don't think I've done a happy dance yet!

For 5 years I've been trying to complete this one level and have never got the grasp of it.. I never understand it and I never thought I'd get it! BUT I finally did which is why I'm so excited about finally achieving my numeracy level 2! (Yeah only level 2 and am stuck) I'm so content with this level that I am NEVER going any higher.. well maybe... perhaps.. we'll wait and see! Never say never isn't that what they say?
I find it incredibly alarming the rush you're able to get just by achieving something you've been working hard to do. I find I'm asking myself already (Can we remember I passed just a few hours ago) what's next? What am I going to do next? What do I think I can achieve or what will I set my mind to? I have a few ideas although whether they come about is another thing... I have a feeling they won't but hey it's still nice to dream! 
Emma Watson is
I've received SO MANY lovely messages today, mostly to do with my numeracy but not all and it's shown me that I view myself very differently than others do.. so I'm going to try and see myself the way others do!
This post may not make that much sense as it's 01:16 and I've been up from 7am so I'm a tad tired.. :-/ but hey I included GIFs!
Have you felt happy or got a sudden rush from something you passed or achieved? What was it?
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April Monthly Roundup

2 May 2014

April has been quite a busy yet calm month for me and instead of writing numerous posts one after the other (as it's the end of April so I'd be a it late) I decided to do a post about my whole month rolled into one post!

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