April Monthly Roundup

2 May 2014

April has been quite a busy yet calm month for me and instead of writing numerous posts one after the other (as it's the end of April so I'd be a it late) I decided to do a post about my whole month rolled into one post!

This post is divided up into different sections and headers so everything is easy to find and read.

April blog posts: Read about...
  • The fundraising coffee morning I went to HERE and all about I bought!
  • My Review of LMcG Jewellery HERE plus on how to nab your own!
  • My online dating experience and why I show my middle finger to it.. all HERE.
  • My Review of Minajesty, Nicki Minaj's NEWEST perfume HERE.

I never blogged about my Easter which was fab, how was yours? I baked a cake, got a massive mini eggs Easter egg from my mum plus she bought me lunch, my dad got me an MP3 player and I got Ice-cream ;)


Friday 18 I went to the Circuit of Ireland Rally (video coming soon!) Which to be honest I REALLY enjoyed! For the duration of the time I stood for (well over 2 hours) all ya got to see and hear was *zoom... zoom... zoom... zoom* get the drift? so to enjoy it you would have had to be a fan of racing and cars.. my sister who I dragged to it with me unfortunately was not..


I finally had a very late spring clean which was way overdue and now I have a wooden floor *cheers* my floor is ALWAYS covered in books, clothes, make-up, bits and bobs.. sorta everything but NOW I have a floor I can walk in my room and I can lie stretched out on the floor in the shape of a star fish and still have room. :D It's great now I don't have to try and find wee spots to put my feet to get from the door to my bed.


There's a few things happening in May which I'm looking forward to, my grannys 80th party, (need a new outfit)  swapping "What's in my handbag" guest posts with a blogger, I really need email those like pronto! I keep forgetting things! Last week I even forgot my age! :o (Not crazy!)

What about you? How was April for you? Anything exciting happening in the month ahead?


  1. April was a good month. Was very busy, but had some lovely times with blogger meet and I got a new friend. May is also very busy and exciting as I have new challenges ahead. :) The entire summer is so filled with blogging events and meet ups so I can't wait for it all to happen. ;)

    1. It sounds like April was fab for you! :) I'm sure you're looking forward to the month ahead! Can't wait to read all about it if you blog about them! :) xx