Bucket List Catch up - I'VE COMPLETED HOW MANY?

18 Nov 2014

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It's been quite awhile since I blogged about my bucket list progress which is why I'm taking out the time now to evaluate - I believe before looking that I've completed quite a few things which explains the title post but.. let's see! 

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Dusting of the cobwebs - Bucket List, Work, Ant & Dec and dating!

17 Nov 2014

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Was it really July the last time I blogged? Yikes! I am very behind on things that have happened (some very life affirming things) so I'm gonna get started....

I GOT A JOB! I actually finally got a job! I mean I searched and searched and applied and applied for numerous jobs left right and centre and I got given an opportunity right on my doorstep near enough! (Which I actually really enjoy and like!) It's also opened up so many learning opportunities as I am currently studying Level 3 Business & Administration.. Looks like I'm not quite finished with studying.

I'm also planning on looking into doing a night course as well, although on which subject I'm not to sure. I'm positive I'll think of something though.

* * * * *

August was an amazing month for me, not only was it my 21st birthday I also nabbed a ticket to Ant & Decs Saturday night takeaway on tour when it arrived in Belfast at the odyssey Arena (courtesy of the company I'm currently working for) We were up in our own box and it felt lush.  I would really recommend anyone to go see them live in action as it was just as entertaining as watching them on my TV screen... even more so.

The night consisted of Eamon Holmes and Stephen Nolan helping out with performances from Blue, Ashley Roberts and even Ant & Dec themselves performing their hit let's get ready to rumble. 

It was one of the most fantastic, memorable and eye-opening experiences of my life so far. Eye-opening because I was able to let go and just have fun. 

The following day was also really good as it was my birthday, to  celebrate I went out for lunch with my sister, mum and mums partner and had a really good time! (Also got Frozen on DVD so was finally able to see it! 

* * * * * 

I have also went out with work for dinner for someone leaving! (I literally panicked before eating in front of everyone but I got there in the end after making an impromptu call to my sister and had a delicious meal at Chef & Manager in Newtownards! (was absolutely lovely and the staff were so friendly!

I also had adult food consisting of Potatoes and chefs vegetables instead of my usual dinner a gravy chip, I thought it best to have grown up food as I was out with work! I really couldn't order a gravy chip in front of my boss.... could I? :o 

* * * * * 

My bucket list is going quite good as well which I'm really surprised and pleased about, I just have to update it and write posts on the things completed!

* * * * *

There have also been a few things happening that have caused me to take a step back and to concentrate on me! Sometimes things get a bit manic and we need to shut of, I'm trying to come to a relaxed agreement with myself that when things get to stressed I am able to take a time out and not to worry about anything else. 

People keep telling me I worry and overthink to much so I'm trying to change that as well which is going to be a struggle... Worrying is second nature to me! 

I've dusted off all the cobwebs and decided to write this post in different parts to make it easier on my brain I promise I won't be so frazzled and over the place next time! :) 

Thanks for reading!

Kerry-Ann x

What do you do to unwind? 
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