Bucket List Catch up - I'VE COMPLETED HOW MANY?

18 Nov 2014

It's been quite awhile since I blogged about my bucket list progress which is why I'm taking out the time now to evaluate - I believe before looking that I've completed quite a few things which explains the title post but.. let's see! 


No.    Description:                                                        Proof/Link

3         Travel somewhere outside NI                              Dublin Author Signing 2014
8          Get a job!                                                                     
9          Do something brave or out of the ordinary.        Work dinner
11        Work hard and pass my Maths                             
18        Vote                                                                          I voted in the local election!
19        Take a jumping pic                                                  Pic below!

My sisters great camera skills show that it actually doesn't look like I'm jumping but I am.. or well I was! Thanks +Megan McDade!!

28       take a day trip someplace new                              Ireland
43       go on a date                                                             I will not blog about it incase he sees...
51       wear a sleeveless top outside                                In summer I did alot cause of heat!
54       go to the beach                                                        As you can above at the beach but..

56       go to a circus, funfair or amusements         When in portrush I went to barrys!
57       Order something different on a menu          Eeek the memories! Check HERE!
77        meet an author                                                 Dublin Signing 

Me and Cora Carmack!
82      be a member of an audience              Ant & Decs Saturday Night Takeaway HERE.
84      make a youtube video featuring at least 10 people

Eeeek! 15 things completed, that's £30 I've to put away now in my box! I can't believe I've completed that much, it's shocking! 

Do you have a bucket list? What's on yours? What do you think of the things I've completed?

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