To many dresses... to little time!

19 Nov 2014

In December I'm attending two Christmas dinners and desperately in search of the perfect dress which I can wear for both dos!

One is for the slimming world dinner  I've talked about and the other for a work one. Since they will be in two different towns, different places and with different people I thought maybe it would be best (cheaper) to get one for both... but then if I'm spoiled for choice to much I'll more than likely end up buying two!

I keep annoying those around me (especially mum and sister) of which dress to pick which is why I've decided to make this little blog post with all of my choices so perhaps yous can help pick!

I want something with that festive and winter feel but not christmassy...  understand what I mean? Plus I always need to make sure it goes with my red hair to make sure I don't clash or look like a disco ball! 

I've also included purchase links for all dresses incase you want more information on them if you see anything you fancy! :)

Let's get started: 

New Look/Inspire - £24.99 

New Look/Lovedrobe - £45.00
New Look/Lovedrobe - £59.00 
New Look/Koko - £59.00
SimplyBe/ - £50.00 

SimplyBe/Anna Scholz - £75 
Evans/LittleMistress - 

Well that's ALL the dresses I want.. what ones are your faves and why? Which ones are yous iffy off? Are any jumping out to be the one? Which dress should I pick?

Comment and let me know!

Kerry-Ann x

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