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5 Dec 2014

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Wednesday night past was my Slimming World dinner held in the Strangford Arms in a private function room after our dinner there was a DJ and what started of as going to be a nice quiet evening soon turned.. In a good way ofcourse! I had an absolute fabulous time and never thought I'd say these next words in my life.. I WAS DANCING! I was up dancing with a few of the girls from another one of the SW classes and then I was dancing with a man called Clive who was such a gentleman! All I kept saying was *I don't know how to dance* *I've never done this* or just standing there but once I heard Shania Twain - Man! I feel like a Woman? Well that was me! I was off and literally didn't stop moving till the night ended! 

I'm not going to lie it wasn't easy, when I first got up to dance I literally froze and believed everyone was looking at me so I panicked and as you can probably guess what happened next.. I had an anxiety attack! I removed myself from the room and went straight to the toilets. As far as I was aware I was alone but that wasn't the case and another slimmer was there. Her name was Debbie - she was fantastic and calmed me down once I explained to her why it was happening and awhile later returned with another woman called Janice who was lovely and helpful as well! It was true what they said everyone at Slimming world is there for the same reasons and there all going to be supportive to each other.

It wasn't until I left the toilets that it came to me, I was running! Running because I was scared that people were judging me and those people weren't! I haven't panicked like that in months (even years) and it came as a massive eye opener that I'm fed up running or hiding or feeling like I can't be myself because of what others may think.. If others are actually going to judge you negatively or have a strong opinion on your life shouldn't they perhaps get one of their own? That's when I made the choice to get up and dance with people I'd never met before but who all joined in together cause that's what it's all about!

I was sitting at a table with a couple of really nice women one in particular was sitting beside me! My aunt was also there as I joined Slimming World thanks to her! 

(my aunt)

I'm also quite happy as the dancing most likely burned of my meal which I'm thankful for as it was absolutely delicious! See below: 

Starter: Potato & Leek soup

Main Course: Mash Potato with vegetables

Dessert: Ice-cream with flake and raspberry sauce!

Something I left to the last minute was an outfit but I got there in the end and am also wearing this again for my work do on Friday 12 as I don't believe I could find another dress and I love this! I'm going to wait till next week to go into further detail on my outfit, but I just want to post a picture first! :) 

All in All: I had a fab night with really fun and lighthearted women whose whole reason for going was to have fun and no one was excluded in the whole night! Even if you didn't know anyone you still felt included and were able to have a ball! I'm really glad I went and even though there was a little blip during the evening I'm really looking forward to getting on track to reaching my target weight and staying to class!

What do you think of the dress? Do any of you go to Slimming World or have you? Do you have any dinners coming up you're attending?

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