A Year in my world...

31 Dec 2015

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2015 will very soon come to end which is why I thought it time to sit back, relax and take a trip down the past year filled with pictures, messages and memories that I will forever cherish for the rest of my life. 

Last New Years Eve I was out celebrating dancing round a round-a-bout stopping traffic and the police having a ball! Read all about it HERE. I was convinced 2015 was going to be a year to remember which I normally say every new year but this year I was right! I am ending 2015 on a high, looking forward to the future with new dreams, hopes and aspirations! 
In April the WeAreTheThey hashtag swarmed online social media with women of ALL shapes and sizes sharing the love for their bodies whilst complimenting others all in the reflection of what TV Host/Singer Jamelia said live on Loose Women about plus-size woman! The hashtag is all thanks to Debz @ Wannabe Princess and you can read my two posts from that month regarding WeAreTheThey! (#WeAreTheThey: They shouldn't be wearing & To Jamelia We Are the They!)

The first post Debz inspired women to share pictures of themselves wearing certain that they may have been they can't wear due to size or to share memories of any time they've broken fashion rules! Here is what I featured - Whether it be too heavy for high-heels, have been told to wear flowy tops to hide my belly, not to wear tight clothing, embarrassed to show my arms and the other thing.. not being able show my legs because of the size of me! 

In May it was my dads 50th! 

In July I took the travel bug and flew off to Birmingham for Style XL, a body positivity event organised by Leah Shafik which was one of the best and worst experiences of my life! The best because I met so many incredible women who I have been following and been inspired by for quite awhile.. it was also one of the worst experiences because my anxiety took a major hit. I suffered three anxiety attacks and became incredibly un-confident in myself because of the overwhelming situation of the event and the nervousness! I always prefer to see the brighter side of a situation and am working on getting my self confidence back which I believe it working and will continue to work on. Anxiety is not something to shy or hide away from, it's not even something you should keep hidden or be embarrassed about! It's something you can help relieve and over come with determination! 

After taking a short break from blogging I decided to get very real with OCD in October HERE.

I had an amazing year and I am so ready to dive straight into 2016 and grab every opportunity with both hands.. I'm going to make sure it's an even better year! :D I met wonderful people, had so much fun and and had more highs than lows! 

I hope you have a lovely night bringing in the New Year how ever you choose to spend it and have a prosperous and healthy 2016! :) 
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Miss Bah Humbug

29 Dec 2015

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Christmas is finally over and for me it never really had a chance to begin! All the traditions and plans I'd been looking forward to this year ended up down the drain. In the early hours of Christmas Eve I fell ill.. I had the chills, sweats and a whole list of everything else that rounded it in a little red sparkly bow. Little to say my Christmas Eve was spent in the doctors surgery and then I spent my Christmas Day in bed which continually rolled into Boxing day.. it's been that way since! My energy's been zapped, I've had no appetite plus I never even got to wear my new £60 worth of make-up on Christmas day... or my new clothes and heels.. It really is the little things. *sad face*
I hope Christmas has been good for you and that you got spoilt rotten! Let me know what you got in the comments and tell me how your Christmas was. 
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Blogmas Day 4... Jingle Bells are tired...

4 Dec 2015

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Ahh I am currently getting organised and writing up posts for the month ahead and gearing myself up to start my vlogs tomorrow which I am quite nervous about! I've been out doing more Christmas shopping today and keep buying much more than is needed which is making me think I should just quit while I'm ahead and use the money to give into a plan I've been thinking about for awhile which I will be blogging about in two weeks. 

As it's late at night and I am late again with typing this post.. (Promising myself to do early morning blogging next week) I'm going to share a couple more songs I'm currently listening to for Christmas... I heard this on the radio tonight and absolutely love listening to it every year... 

How's your Christmas shopping coming along? Are you listening to any tunes on repeat?

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Blogmas Day 3.. Starting to Feel like Christmas

3 Dec 2015

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I'm writing this post very late in the date and just about in time for Day 3 of Blogmas as it's nearly Thursday.. in fact 15 minutes away! Today I decided to get into the Christmas spirit and wrap some more presents plus listen to a few classic christmassy feel good songs! :) 

I've listed below a couple I'm currently listening to, are you listening to them to? 

What songs are you currently listening to? Let me know in the comments below!

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Blogmas Day 2: Jingle Bell Blues

2 Dec 2015

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While I try desperately to get better and recover from this stupid bug (I feel myself getting my strength back everyday) I have had alot of food for thought recently.. basically because I haven't been eating and today my appetite came back.. oh what a glorious invention food is! Especially chocolate.. the taste, the smell, the texture! I've missed it! 

Right, back to to food for thought.. and I've missed my train of thought! It's blogmas day 2 and I am not feeling this whole Christmas spirit thing.. I haven't even put my tree up yet which is very unusual for me though I plan to put it up at the weekend and listen to Christmas carols as I do and I also need to start dispatching my Christmas gifts so I can have a nice clear space... clear surroundings for a clear mind! 

Hopefully this weekend I will be more into the Christmas feeling and able to blog and vlog and a litter better! :) 

Have you been taking part in blogmas? Send me a link to your post so I can check it out! 

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The countdown to Christmas..

1 Dec 2015

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The countdown to Christmas has finally begun.. it's time to get organised so everything goes as planned without a hitch.. 

So much for my vlogmas everyday in December as I am currently holled up in bed over coming the worst bug ever and finally feel like I'm getting my strength back (All I've done is sleep the last few days) 

Instead of vlogging everyday I am going to blog/vlog everyday so it's a mixture of blogging and also getting starting into the way of vlogging as I'm not used to doing videos. 

So much for my planning I went to wrap presents and I have no cello-tape good thing I have quite abit of time to wrap them! :) Well now I've wrote this post and used up all the energy I had I'm going back to bed to rest up!

Are you taking part in vlogmas or blogmas? Comment below with links and I'll check them out! :) 
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My Seasonal Fashion Wishlist

5 Nov 2015

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I've published my Seasonal beauty wishlist and now it's time for my seasonal fashion wishlist! I'm obsessed with dresses AND yoursclothing so it's not surprising that I am wanting alot of their dresses this season! I am waiting in high anticipation until they arrive month in Belfast and plan to go shopping as soon as they do!


Left-Right: Navy Sleeveless Swing Dress With Lace Yoke 
Wine Sleeveless Swing Dress With Lace Yoke 

Left-Right: Black Diamant√© Chiffon Overlay Tunic Dress 
Purple Diamant√© Chiffon Overlay Tunic Dress 

Left-Right: Plus Size Teal Embellished Shoulder Layered Top 
Plus-Size Black Shrug 

Plus Size Coca Cola Truck Christmas T-Shirt

Left-Right: Silver Metallic Metal Bar Trim Clutch 
Gold Contrast Beaded Clutch 
Bronze Glitter Panel Clutch 

Left-Right: Stone Faux Fur Clutch 
Grey Shearling Trim Saddle Bag 
Cream Faux Fur Tote Bag 

What's on your Seasonal Fashion Wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!
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My Seasonal Beauty Wishlist

3 Nov 2015

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All the following items are what I'm currently lusting after this month AND for Christmas.. because my Christmas list to myself was getting extraordinarily long I thought it best to separate them into 3 different posts; Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle (and Chocolate)

You've got to treat yourself in life right? And I've already begun as I've treated myself to quite a few items that are already listed below! :D


Left-Right: Left/Right: Zoella Cosy Toesy Bath Soak & Shower Cream with Cosy Socks (£10  Zoella Fizz Bar (£5) Zoella Soap Pop Fragranced Soap on a Stick (£5)

Left-Right: Tanya Burr Aphrodite Lip Gloss (£5.99)
Tanya Burr Champagne Toast Lip Gloss (£5.99)
Tanya Burr Let's Travel The World Lip Gloss (£5.99)
Tanys Burr Merry Kissmass (£10.00)
Left-Right: No 7 Glitz and Glamour Nail Collection (£25
No 7 Midnight Lash Mascara (£13.50)


Left-Right: Katy Perry Meow Set
Katy Perry Killer Queen 

Left-Right: Cheryl StormFlower Noir (£23.50)
Sarah-Jessica Parker Lovely (£19.99)

What's on your seasonal beauty wishlist? Any of the items above? Let me know what you're lusting after in comments below! :) 

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Hello November - What's happening this month?

1 Nov 2015

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How has November come round so quickly? It feels like only last weekend it was July and now there's only over a month till Christmas! Time is going way fast for my liking, I still have a few more things to get which is good and then all my Christmas shopping is complete but first comes November so.. what's happening this month on Voluptuous Chatterbox? Carry on reading to find out!

On the Blog: 

I'm starting a new monthly feature called Local Loves which will feature a local love of mine! Whether it a restaurant, local designer, craft maker or even shop it will be local from the town or surrounding area where I live! For November it is candles by Denise Byers which will be published in the next week and will also feature a giveaway!

I have quite a few Christmassy themed posts publishing this month including gift guides, stocking fillers, advent calendars, my fashion, beauty and lifestyle wishlists plus a post featuring all the must have beauty blogger products! (I want all Tanya Burrs new Superdrug collection! #JustSayin)

I'm aiming to have at least 4 outfit posts up AS WELL.. this is quite difficult for me as I'm still not fully confident in posting pictures but I'm ready and willing to try! 

My style XL post will FINALLY be published and it's only taken me 3-4 months to write it.. my bad but it will go up! 


There are a few local events coming up this month LIKE Yours Clothing opening their first EVER Belfast store in Castlecourt on the 20th! It's dress season and I need first look.. I will not be standing at 9am waiting for the doors to open... Maybe! 

The Belfast Christmas market also comes this month and I am super duper excited! I love the christmas market.. especially having my winter woolies on with a hot chocolate whilst shopping! Can things get any better? 

AND finally.. on the 28th November I have a photoshoot I'm trying to prepare for if nerves don't get the better of me! This is my FIRST ever photoshoot of this kind and I am anxious as! (Wish me Good-luck!) 

November looks set to be quite a busy month.. Do you have much planned? Let me know in the comments!
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Something Wicked this way comes...

31 Oct 2015

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Dee dee dee dee dee dee DEE de! Sorry I couldn't resist doing the tune in my head! Good Morning! It's HALLOWEEN, a seasonal holiday which I never celebrate though have decided to this year and in style may I add! 

Trying to choose the perfect outfit is really tiresome, I had no idea the amount of adult costumes available in most retailers and am quite shocked at how long it took me to decide on one when it was literally pretty obvious! A WITCH! The only thing I've ever dressed up as.. though this year without the black bin liner with three holes in it! 

I've also carved some pumpkins and have them sitting out in my front garden ready to greet any trick or treaters, I have a selection of DVDS to start watching in the afternoon which include Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus! (I'm not a fan of scary movies) 

How are you spending your Halloween night? What are you dressing up as? Do you celebrate? Let me know in the comments! :) 
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OCD: It's time we get real with each other..

13 Oct 2015

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OCD: It's time we get real with each other and tell people what it's really like living with you because I think some assume you are really cute but I'm sorry your not!

I see and hear on a daily basis people say *they're so OCD* or *a wee bit OCD* or even that OCD is this little cute or quirky thing you can have while I'm literally screaming inside wanting to tell them that they have no idea what it's actually like living with a stressful, life-changing, debilitating disorder. 

Is it cute when I'm standing staring at a switch that is turned off trying to convince myself it is? Especially when I'd much rather be talking on the phone but because of the length of time it takes me to do my rituals he's fell asleep! Is it quirky when I check and re-check my doors and windows waiting until it feels *just right*. 

Dislike and turn away

I'm tired. I'm so tired with it and some days can be worse than others depending on such small issues.. can I not just have a break or is that too much to secretly wish for? 

Plus is it to much to ask that TV channels stop showing all those OCD cleaning and hoarding related programs because I'm really untidy so if you lived with me I wouldn't be cleaning non stop.. I'd probably be singing, blogging or reading.. you know the usual random stuff I do while avoiding cleaning for as long as I can! 

I hear alot of the time when I mention OCD that it'd be great living with someone who had it but really would it? 

My family have lived with me for 22 years and have NO IDEA what it's like. For so long they believed I had habits or had *my own wee ways* of doing things when in reality they were misinformed. It's time to change the attitude that OCD is a flippant topic to discuss and inform others of the bare truth. It's a horrible, dreadful, life adjusting disorder. 

That's the thing about OCD.. it's really hard to explain what you are about and also how you make me feel which is why I'm glad of OCD Awareness week because for the next week it's time to get people talking about OCD that's why I'm going to be flooding social media, bombarding friends and family plus dropping it into all conversations I can.. 

OCD Awareness week is from 11th - 17th October.

For more information on OCD check out these helpful links below;


Do you, or do you know anyone who has OCD? What do you think of OCD? Is there anything you wish people understand about OCD?

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