OOTW - Tartan Blanket Cape

23 Jan 2015

This is my first EVER outfit post on Voluptuous Chatterbox and there's a very special reason why I chose it! I've been nervous about posting pictures for quite sometime but after yesterday I came to the decision that... I don't care what anyone says about me.. 

Ever since I first wore my cape in college there have always been jokes about me wearing a rug that you'd find at the back of a car.. These jokes have came from 1 guy in my class... until yesterday they didn't bother me until that is he said that it has a dog to match! That I'm a dog therefore it suits me! Normally I'd get upset but I didn't.. I was composed and carried on with my work. (Nosying on New Look instead)  But it was humiliating and I know in myself if someone says something about me or what I wear I wouldn't wear it again but I love this! 

So today... I've decided to do my first outfit post. I'm not to sure what I add or what to include but I will get the hang of it. :) 

Thanks to my sister for taking the pics! :) 

Tartan Blanket Cape - New Look £19.99
Green Top - £6
Jeggings  - £17.99 

What do you include in your outfit posts? Any tips for me? 
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A late hello to 2015! Happy New Year!

1 Jan 2015

Goodbye 2014 and farewell! I'm sorry to say I'm not sad it's come to an end! I was out tonight celebrating the New Year and I have to say I had a ball! I met some lovely new people and even ended up leaving the bar and doing the conga around the roundabout while stopping traffic (and the police!) so I'm guessing (and hoping) with a start like that to the year, 2015 is definitely gonna be one to remember! 

It's time to finally sit back and reflect on the year past which I've decided to do month by month, It's currently 03:49 and I've just tripped my house so am hoping this will take me a wee while so it distracts me from sitting in the dark! (Least I started 2015 with a bang... right?) 

Since I started Voluptuous Chatterbox in February I'm going to start there... 


I'm hoping when the next one comes around I'll be celebrating it entirely different although I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens. 

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