Good Morning Sunshine!

21 Mar 2015

Good Morning Sunshine! 

I woke up this morning with a super bright smile on my face and literally a bright clear blue sky from my back door as you can see from the below image! :D This is a shock for Northern Ireland as we've had two good days a row! Please let me not jinx this! *Fingers Crossed* I can feel the heat from the sunshine against my back as I write this and it feels amazing! :D 

I've also been playing music for the last hour and a bit with the back-door open and just realised all my neighbours have their blinds and curtains closed.... hope my music doesn't woke them! 

A couple of exciting things have been happening for me in my personal life which I have yet to share and thought best to now before the news becomes old news! :D 

I was recently studying my Business Level 3 and I am super happy to share I PASSED! For a while there I didn't think I was going to get finished before my deadline BUT I managed to and am just waiting now for the certificate to come through! :D 

While studying one day a week I was on a work placement for 8 months and am thoroughly happy as they've decided to offer me a full time position for 6 months! :D I'm honestly glad because I thought they were going to have to kick me out the door when the time came to leave, I really didn't want to!

As a way to congratulate myself for working hard and passing I bought these stationary pretties! I'm obsessed with pretty notebooks and pens and positive this time I will use them... Maybe! I normally don't ever write in them and just have a collection of notebooks!

I'm also planning a couple of other ways to celebrate which are alot more extravagant than stationary buying but have to remain tight-lipped at the moment as they all involve my sister +Megan McDade and I want it to be a surprise! :D

I know she's slightly scared as her suggestions so far to what she thinks I'm planning are zorbing, zip-lining and diving! What can I say they are all on my bucket list! Diving in the murky waters of Northern Ireland sounds quite.... exciting to me! Although to my sister most likely not! :D 

For her benefit I will say it's going to be an adventure for us both! :D 

Now I have to go get ready to meet her for a shopping trip! 

Hope your day is bright and sunny! What are your plans?

Kerry-Ann xx 

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