A Happy Easter

7 Apr 2015

I Love Easter! To me it's a time for happiness, new beginnings and celebrating the things that are close to your heart! Plus the chocolate! Yeah gotta mention the chocolate! :D 

I've decided to break my Easter down in days so it's easier to follow! 


My Easter weekend started early by finishing work on Friday at 1pm and I'm not back till tomorrow so it was a nice change. Friday saw the Circuit of Ireland come to Newtownards and I made sure I was in my house in my jammies away from all the action.. though where I live you could hear it all. My sister and I went last year when it was in town and that day ended rather badly so a night in front of the telly was fab! 

A pressie from my sister! It has my name on it! :D


I was so busy on Saturday as I lay in bed and read! I feel like crying because of the happiness I got from finally dedicating a day just to read and the book I read was The Return by Jennifer L. Armentrout which makes it even better! My review will coming soon to A Bookish Redhead

                  No day is complete without a selfie!      My nails from Primark! I LOVE them!

On Sunday I actually had an unexpectedly good day! I always go visit my dad and seeing as we didn't want to sit in all day we went to Mauds then dandered down for a walk along the sea front.

After a half hour or so we hopped in the car and went to Donaghadee, which I haven't actually been to since I was a child and am genuinely am shocked at. 

In Donghadee!

The day went by quickly and no sooner was it tea time so instead of waiting to go home we went to a place called The Captains Table and ordered some food. 

I'm trying to leave it at that but I can't, Sorry! The staff didn't have a clue what was going on and there was no communication within them as an overall team working together. 

They made so many mistakes with our order, simple common mistakes YES which have happened before but not all at once in one establishment. They didn't listen to what we ordered, they brought down the wrong food, (I'm a vegetarian so wherever I go I'm not going to order meat so YES I ordered correctly.) My dad and his partner had to ask where there tea was when we were finished our meal and even then they brought down more mugs! For two people we didn't need 6 mugs we needed the TEA!

Basic training doesn't have to be costly or timely effective and I don't believe just because they were young teenagers it should make a difference on the service you receive.

Now let me talk about the actual Food! It was near cold, I like my food warm and hot and you're probably wondering why I didn't say something? Well it took so much hassle and time to get it sitting in front of me I couldn't deal with the stress plus I honestly don't believe they would have done anything. The gravy had clumps in it and the chips well... my tummys turning thinking about it so I'll leave it at that. I won't be rushing back in a hurry or at all but it was an afternoon well spent... well the part before we had dinner. 

Present from my Dad and his partner!
My lovely mother also got me Ferrero Rochers which I am over the moon about! 


I dedicated another day to reading and started on After by Anna Todd which I have flicked to the end of so I know how it ends now and am so disappointed although my sister is refusing to give me the books till each one is finished and read! I only have around 400 pages left of After so *fingers crossed* I'll have it finished tonight! :D 

I managed to persuade my sister to FINALLY watch Frozen and she loved it! I kept telling her she would so we finally built a snowman! I've been asking her for over a year now! :D

Tuesday well.. It's still Tuesday and so far the most productive thing I've done all day is write this post and dust my room.. hopefully add finish After to the list though! :) 

How did you spend your Easter weekend? 

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