#WeAreTheThey: They shouldn't be wearing!

29 Apr 2015

As a big girl I often get told what and what not wear, whether it be tight clothing as it'll accentuate my rolls, high-heels because I might break them, jeggings/leggings or skinny jeans because I have big thighs, sexy lingerie because well.. fat people shouldn't wear THAT... duh! Short vest tops that will show my bingo wings.. Need I go on? I can sit here and list all night the things I I've been told I shouldn't be wearing but where would the fun in that be if I'd actually listened?

A week on from when #WeAreTheyThey hit social media worldwide the amazing Debz has gotten bloggers involved in something new, sharing what we shouldn't wear including any rules we've broken with our body. 

I'm a constant rule breaker in life so if someone tells me not to do something you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to do it.. take a look below for examples. These are things in which people have said to me. 

"You're so heavy to wear high heels!" Does it look like I am?

"You should wear flowy tops as they don't shape your belly!" Wait what?

"Don't wear tight clothing!" Why is it a crime?

"Aren't you embarrassed to wear short sleeves?" No.. should I be?

"You can't show your legs, look at the size of you!" I don't need to look!

No matter your size or shape no one can dictate to you what you should or shouldn't wear. It's taken me years to finally build up the strength to say that but I finally have because no ones opinion should matter except your own. 

Have you broken a fashion rule? OR have you went against what someone has said you should or shouldn't be doing? Then join in #WeAreTheyThey tonight on Twitter and get involved.. you know you want to! :) 


  1. All those people who said those things to you need to go choke on a dick. xx

    1. Haha ohh Leah you have made me laugh and smile something shocking! THANK YOU :D xx

  2. You look great!!! I'm also a bigger girl but I am OBSESSED with leggings! Jean shopping is too hard, hahah <3

    1. Thank you so much Natalie! :) Ohh where would you get yours? I'm maybe wanting to be a bit adventurous and try wearing them lol :) xx

  3. Wow what a killer body you've got. Those legs and thighs are to die for so you should be showing them off... wow!! <3 xx