To Jamelia #WeAreTheThey

22 Apr 2015

I'm jumping on the bandwagon with my SIZE 22 ass (lets hope it don't tip) and blogging about the #WeAreTheThey hashtag that has taken Twitter and Instagram by storm tonight and which has seen both women AND men tweeting messages, quotes and even sharing pictures of themselves to show that they are beautiful no matter their size!

What sparked this trending spree you might ask? Well, it's all down to a few comments which Jamelia (the singer from years ago) shared with viewers on the ITV programme Loose Women and thought she'd get away with! Tough luck though to her because those comments were never going to be forgotten or ignored by the *they* of people she so unkindly meant.

The *they* in which has brought people within her perfect sizes 6-20 and outside of it together in a ban to spread body confidence, self love and to her that they not only accept each other but that when needed to we will come together and fight of any unwanted and rude comments that no "apology" can undo!

Jamelia believes we should have "specialist" shops if your are above or below sizes 6-20 as she doesn't think "it's right to facilitate people having an unhealthy lifestyle." I can share with you right now that I am a size 22 and I have a HEALTHY lifestyle, sure I don't exercise as much as I should and I most likely eat the wrong food but my health is fine. Wait, why am I even trying to justify myself because it's no ones damn business.. is it? 

*Specialist* shops like Yours Clothing, Evans and Pink Clove are obviously catering to women within their sizing categories because they know there is a market for them. There clothes are beautiful and make the women to wear them feel the same way. Not Just with the specialist shops but what about the likes of Primark? Where this has happened to me.. 

I'm wearing a large sized Kimono from Primark and I can be pretty sure Michelle Keegan (from TV show Ordinary Lies) isn't wearing the same size BUT the same Kimono! Does this mean I shouldn't be allowed to wear it because it's obvious they are facilitating me?

I've dealt with unwanted comments and bullying about my weight my whole life and I'm only starting to love my body and accept myself because of the clothes I wear! That confidence comes from me yes but it's what I wear that makes me feel it in the inside and no amount of comments from Jamelia is going to stop obesity, eating disorders or bullying. 

Unlike Jamelia said we shouldn't feel uncomfortable when we go into a shop and can't find our size because we're not purposefully going to go into a shop if we know they don't cater to us as an individual whether it be our size or taste.  When I can't find my size all I get is annoyed because I know the shop has sold out as it's the most popular. 

Instead of all this anguish and unwanted criticism why not concentrate on building each other up instead of trying to knock down a minority that has proven to no end we will fight. We are Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, Aunts, Grandmothers but most of all we're women and we are all the same! Beauty shouldn't be measured from your dress size but from the kindness in your heart. Don't judge anyones capabilities or health on they look, instead look at the bigger picture and realise that some things are to big for narrow little minds. 

The #WeAreTheThey hashtag is ALL thanks to Debz from The Not So Secret Diary of A Wannabe Princess and we all blimming love and thank her for starting it! :) 

Get involved by using the hashtag and share your favourite pictures of yourself to keep this trending as long as possible!