Style XL - I'm Ready!

8 May 2015

Style XL - I'm Ready!

Well, I've done it! I've went and booked my flights to Birmingham for Style XL and I can't blimming wait! Right now I'm in a pick 'n' mix of feeling excited, nervous, anxious, adventurous, shock... and most of all happiness? 

I've went out of my comfort zone and am ready to take on new challenges in my life and to also take a leap of faith in believing I will be alright to do this. 

Travelling on my own for the first time is going to be a major adjustment but something I'm sure I am more than capable of and it's not till July so plenty of time to prepare, have mini episodes of freaking out and panicking about WHAT TO WEAR and PACK? Yikes! I'm gonna need to to start planning pronto! I only have two and a bit months.. Maybe I should rewind before I actually start panicking! Okay back to the excitement phase please! 

I may not particularly know anyone personally yet that is attending BUT I can get to know some! This is going to an event that gives me opportunity is doing just that and I'm ready to grab that opportunity! 

Style XL - I'm READY! :D (Maybe, sorta, I can soo do this!) 

Are you going to Style XL? Have you been to an event like this before? I'm going on my own so any words of advice will be welcome.

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  1. Sadly I can't go to Style XL this year as I'm in Berlin celebrating my 40th birthday! :) I'm gutted to miss it, but I'm sure you will be fine. Just chat with people online before you go and find them when you get there and hang out with them. Everyone is so friendly so before you know it you will be feeling great and chatting to everyone. :) You will have an amazing time. :) xx