#VoluptuouslyFit: Starting at the beginning...

17 May 2015

Well this week marks the start of a new beginning. A Fit one unfortunately, since I am quite bookish I can't flick the pages to see well I'll get on I just have to start at the beginning and hope for best.. and now I'm talking about my life like it's a book! 

I've literally sat and stuffed my face all weekend with bread glorious white bread and chocolate! There are my two major downfalls in food which is why I have decided to give up both.. Ofcourse I'm still going to eat a little bar of chocolate each day or to be more precise sit and devour it but I have said farewell to white bread! No more buttered baps for lunch, or pizza sodas and bagels! It's brown bread all the way and even then I'm cutting down how much I'm going to eat.

I'm also going to try and attempt to do this on my own this time without having the help (or no help) of Slimming World. I've decided to start a checklist of the things I may need to do to get started below.

My Voluptuously Fit Checklist:

  • Look into joining a gym/ getting a personal trainer/
  • Get weighed
  • Start an exercise plan
  • Try to get 8 hours sleep
  • Reward myself each week if I do well
  • Start walking to work
  • Start planning my breakfast/lunches/dinners out weekly
Do I need to add anything else? Hmm... will need to have a think about this! Is there anything you can recommend I do? Or any tips! Let me know! :) I'm not really motivated about this so need to try and be! 

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  1. Great post. I've just joined Slimming world too this week as I need to lose weight for health reasons too. :) I have lost lots of weight before, but put it back on, so I will try to lose it for good this time. :)