Hotel Chocolat Haul

29 Jun 2015

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Smooth, Creamy, Milky chocolate! Is there anything better than Hotel Chocolat? No! I didn't think so. It's a full on party of sensations in your mouth no matter what kind you choose, and take it from me there's quite a variety! 

I went into Belfast on Saturday with the very sole intention of stopping by the Hotel Chocolat store and I once I went in I didn't want to come back out. If ever there was a place I'd want to be locked in for the night with the lights off? I'd choose there. 

Scroll to see what's inside my bag! 

I would never have been a fan of Pralines but the lovely lady in the store told me to try them and thank gosh I did as I don't think I've tasted something quite as nice in a long time. 

What I bought:
  • 5x Milk Chocolate Heart Lollies (£2.50 each Purchase HERE) I Love the design on these almost to much to eat.. well maybe not THAT much!
  • 2x White Chocolate Smiley Lollies (1.95 each Purchase HERE)
  • 2x Chocolate Shortbread and 2x Chocolate Cookies (£1 each)
  • 2x Dizzy Pralines (£3.75 each Purchase HERE
  • 1x Milk Chocolate Tiddly Pot (£1.95 each Purchase HERE
Hotel Chocolat has some of the best Chocolate I've ever tasted and I am already planning my next trip to go a little more adventurous in what to try. 

I tried their new Mojito chocolate and it leaves such a strong after taste that I couldn't eat more than one. Although it definitely is something everyone should try. 

What's your favourite type of chocolate? Do you like Hotel Chocolat? 

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My Favourite Blogs...

10 Jun 2015

When I first wake up in the morning to when I'm going to bed even when I'm on my lunch in work I am always reading blogs! I love reading blogs more than magazines because the content is eye catching and to my interest plus there not filled with advertisements of size 6 dresses at approximately £1500 per item which I don't even make anywhere near in a month so.... not worth my money! 

Oh Yikes! Did I really go on a whole rant about magazines? Opps! I keep tryna tone it done but once I get started I never seem to stop. I very rarely leave comments on blogs which is something I should probably do and am trying really hard to get better at it so without me babbling on further HERE are my favourite blogs. :) 

Click on the images to be brought to the blogs. :) 

Mookie's Life

The Not So Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess

I have quite a few more than that but there my top 5! :) 

Do you have any bloggers you love to read? What are there blogs? Share them so I can check them out! 

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Song I keep listening to!

9 Jun 2015

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Songs! We listen to them when we're happy, sad, frustrated or even just when we need a little pick me up or there doesn't even have to be a reason to listen to music. There's even a song for every occasion (quite literally). Music is a major passion of mine and has always been since I was a little girl, some even though I'd peruse it in some way as a career which is why I knew for this June blogger challenge I had to include music in there somewhere and that is why I've decided to share the songs I keep repeatedly listening to... and singing! Well okay more like squealing! 

Bad Blood - Taylor Swift 

We all have that person we have Bad Blood with and if this song doesn't help you get your attitude on then it ain't working.. 

Shake it off - Taylor Swift 

Miss Swift again, what can I say I'm a fan and this make me wanna move. It also has that sense about it where people get the perception of you wrong and that's why I love it. 

Masterpiece - Jessie J

I love this song! It's such a power *I can do anything* type of song!

Dear Future Husband - Megan Trainor 

I LOVE Megan Trainor and this song is just another favourite of hers... plus the lyrics, the whole song, everything! It's what I'd hope to say to my future husband.. even with the POF app! ;) 

12 Vaults - One Last Night

This is one of the songs from 50 Shades of Grey which I am absolutely addicted to listening. 

Hold my hand - Jess Glynne

Do you have songs you can't stop listening to? 

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My Top 5 Favourite Quotes

8 Jun 2015

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Quotes, Quotes, Quotes! We are ALL going to find a quote we like whether in a book, movie or even song that fits us perfectly and believe that YES that was made for me! Well I'm kind of a quote Queen especially where Marilyn Monroe is involved or Shakespeare or Taylor Swift or C.S Lewis! I'm just addicted to quotes so tackling it down to 5 is quite hard but here goes: 

Well there my top quotes, I know for a fact I have more but there the ones that always go of in my head when I think about quotes. They're so fitting to me and I can relate to them alot. 

Do you have any top favourite quotes? What are they? 

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What Makes Me Happy..

6 Jun 2015

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Bleh! I've been stressed with work and busy that I've missed a couple days of blogging.. *face palm* I'm so not good at this whole dedication blog everyday promise. With my need to constantly worry I've been making myself anxious in work and my confidence has been knocked because I haven't felt good enough which is why I've decided not to hide it. I know for a fact I may be backlashed and it may come back to bite me on the behind but I'm a young women who has anxiety and sometimes just sometimes I'm going to get anxious for no apparent reason or someone is going to make me nervous so much my fight or flight kicks in and I may bolt out of a situation, it may even be building up inside me and it can erupt when it chooses.

I'm currently trying to to build the little pieces back up again but it may take time because I've taken a hit and this set back isn't a good one, it's going to take a little bit of work to get back on track but I did it before, I know I can do it again and I'm ready to take on whatever challenges are thrown my way because I know I'm capable of doing anything I set my mind to. I'm proud of where I am standing (currently sitting) right now and I am ready to push myself into gaining the confidence I need back again. 

I've been sitting trying to decide on 10 Facts About Me when to be honest I don't have much to share. I'm an open book and not ashamed to hold anything back so I have nothing left to reveal which s why I'm moving on the the next two. 

What Makes Me Happy: 

There's a whole list of things that make me happy which is why I'm just going to start, Family, Friends, my cat Tiddles (who is Family) Success, Accomplishment, Reading, Writing.. I know there are more but that's just some of the things. 

Embarrassing Moment: 

Gotta be when I was meeting friends at the cinema and instead of walking under the road using the footpath provided I decided to cross the road and then walk down a very steep mucky hill (It'd been raining the night before so was slippery) I climbed over the fence and started walking slowly down the hill.. literally two seconds later I had slipped and got my back and all down my trousers all muddy... a friend quickly reassured me it wasn't so bad and we carried onto the cinema. Later when I got home and checked the damage I was covered in muck! (I'd been to the cinema like that, down the town like that, and also to the shopping centre like that! :() 

What Makes You Happy? Have you had any embarrassing moments?

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The Meaning of my Blog Name..

2 Jun 2015

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I'm currently writing this while singing (yelling) at the top of my lungs to try and get some frustration out. I've been feeling very restless and frustrated the last couple of days I don't know why, I've tried shopping, chocolate, crying and now I'm trying singing! Whether it works will be a different story but I've tucked myself away in the safety of bedroom to try. 

Todays topic is The Meaning of Blog Name! When I first had the idea to start a lifestyle/fashion/beauty whatever tickles my fancy blog I went through a bit of a process. There was Confident But Sexy, Blog of A Northern Irish Girl, An Opening Journal and more, this all spanning around a couple of years until I actually sat down with my sister and we crammed as many words describing myself down onto a page as possible. 

We picked out Voluptuous because well I'm a tad on the Voluptuous side and the Chatterbox was chosen because I never really take a break from moving my mouth.. to stop talking! I always talk and ramble and go on and on about basically anything which is why it suits me down to a T! 

That is how Voluptuous Chatterbox was made and it's probably the only blog name I've ever felt comfortable with because it allows me to be able to express myself. 

I think I'm less frustrated now.. :D 

What is the meaning of your blog name? and how did you come with it?
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Blogging Everyday? Piece of Cake!

1 Jun 2015

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Last week I decided that in order to get out of my blogging funk I needed to set myself some sort of challenge which is when I started pinning nearly every blogger challenge on Pinterest to help me get some ideas and I finally settled on 30 for this month. 

I've also made this little image as well incase anyone else would like to get involved and I'm also blogging everyday on my book blog.. so wait what's that? 
  • Blogging EVERYDAY on Voluptuous Chatterbox
  • Blogging EVERYDAY on A Bookish Redhead
  • Taking part in #TheStretchProject
  • Finally getting my Fitness attitude on
  • Taking an online shopping trip
Okay.. that last one I needed to add because I seriously have no clothes and I keep seeing pretty things in New Look, Yoursclothing, Asda and Evans and I got to. I really do. 

Ofcourse this is the Introduction post I can't stress myself out to much..

If you'd like to get involved grab the image and and start blogging! *Fingers Crossed* I do quite well in following this through. I'm determined. :) 

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