Hotel Chocolat Haul

29 Jun 2015

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Smooth, Creamy, Milky chocolate! Is there anything better than Hotel Chocolat? No! I didn't think so. It's a full on party of sensations in your mouth no matter what kind you choose, and take it from me there's quite a variety! 

I went into Belfast on Saturday with the very sole intention of stopping by the Hotel Chocolat store and I once I went in I didn't want to come back out. If ever there was a place I'd want to be locked in for the night with the lights off? I'd choose there. 

Scroll to see what's inside my bag! 

I would never have been a fan of Pralines but the lovely lady in the store told me to try them and thank gosh I did as I don't think I've tasted something quite as nice in a long time. 

What I bought:
  • 5x Milk Chocolate Heart Lollies (£2.50 each Purchase HERE) I Love the design on these almost to much to eat.. well maybe not THAT much!
  • 2x White Chocolate Smiley Lollies (1.95 each Purchase HERE)
  • 2x Chocolate Shortbread and 2x Chocolate Cookies (£1 each)
  • 2x Dizzy Pralines (£3.75 each Purchase HERE
  • 1x Milk Chocolate Tiddly Pot (£1.95 each Purchase HERE
Hotel Chocolat has some of the best Chocolate I've ever tasted and I am already planning my next trip to go a little more adventurous in what to try. 

I tried their new Mojito chocolate and it leaves such a strong after taste that I couldn't eat more than one. Although it definitely is something everyone should try. 

What's your favourite type of chocolate? Do you like Hotel Chocolat? 

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