My Favourite Blogs...

10 Jun 2015

When I first wake up in the morning to when I'm going to bed even when I'm on my lunch in work I am always reading blogs! I love reading blogs more than magazines because the content is eye catching and to my interest plus there not filled with advertisements of size 6 dresses at approximately £1500 per item which I don't even make anywhere near in a month so.... not worth my money! 

Oh Yikes! Did I really go on a whole rant about magazines? Opps! I keep tryna tone it done but once I get started I never seem to stop. I very rarely leave comments on blogs which is something I should probably do and am trying really hard to get better at it so without me babbling on further HERE are my favourite blogs. :) 

Click on the images to be brought to the blogs. :) 

Mookie's Life

The Not So Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess

I have quite a few more than that but there my top 5! :) 

Do you have any bloggers you love to read? What are there blogs? Share them so I can check them out!