Song I keep listening to!

9 Jun 2015

Songs! We listen to them when we're happy, sad, frustrated or even just when we need a little pick me up or there doesn't even have to be a reason to listen to music. There's even a song for every occasion (quite literally). Music is a major passion of mine and has always been since I was a little girl, some even though I'd peruse it in some way as a career which is why I knew for this June blogger challenge I had to include music in there somewhere and that is why I've decided to share the songs I keep repeatedly listening to... and singing! Well okay more like squealing! 

Bad Blood - Taylor Swift 

We all have that person we have Bad Blood with and if this song doesn't help you get your attitude on then it ain't working.. 

Shake it off - Taylor Swift 

Miss Swift again, what can I say I'm a fan and this make me wanna move. It also has that sense about it where people get the perception of you wrong and that's why I love it. 

Masterpiece - Jessie J

I love this song! It's such a power *I can do anything* type of song!

Dear Future Husband - Megan Trainor 

I LOVE Megan Trainor and this song is just another favourite of hers... plus the lyrics, the whole song, everything! It's what I'd hope to say to my future husband.. even with the POF app! ;) 

12 Vaults - One Last Night

This is one of the songs from 50 Shades of Grey which I am absolutely addicted to listening. 

Hold my hand - Jess Glynne

Do you have songs you can't stop listening to? 

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