The Meaning of my Blog Name..

2 Jun 2015

I'm currently writing this while singing (yelling) at the top of my lungs to try and get some frustration out. I've been feeling very restless and frustrated the last couple of days I don't know why, I've tried shopping, chocolate, crying and now I'm trying singing! Whether it works will be a different story but I've tucked myself away in the safety of bedroom to try. 

Todays topic is The Meaning of Blog Name! When I first had the idea to start a lifestyle/fashion/beauty whatever tickles my fancy blog I went through a bit of a process. There was Confident But Sexy, Blog of A Northern Irish Girl, An Opening Journal and more, this all spanning around a couple of years until I actually sat down with my sister and we crammed as many words describing myself down onto a page as possible. 

We picked out Voluptuous because well I'm a tad on the Voluptuous side and the Chatterbox was chosen because I never really take a break from moving my mouth.. to stop talking! I always talk and ramble and go on and on about basically anything which is why it suits me down to a T! 

That is how Voluptuous Chatterbox was made and it's probably the only blog name I've ever felt comfortable with because it allows me to be able to express myself. 

I think I'm less frustrated now.. :D 

What is the meaning of your blog name? and how did you come with it?

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