What Makes Me Happy..

6 Jun 2015

Bleh! I've been stressed with work and busy that I've missed a couple days of blogging.. *face palm* I'm so not good at this whole dedication blog everyday promise. With my need to constantly worry I've been making myself anxious in work and my confidence has been knocked because I haven't felt good enough which is why I've decided not to hide it. I know for a fact I may be backlashed and it may come back to bite me on the behind but I'm a young women who has anxiety and sometimes just sometimes I'm going to get anxious for no apparent reason or someone is going to make me nervous so much my fight or flight kicks in and I may bolt out of a situation, it may even be building up inside me and it can erupt when it chooses.

I'm currently trying to to build the little pieces back up again but it may take time because I've taken a hit and this set back isn't a good one, it's going to take a little bit of work to get back on track but I did it before, I know I can do it again and I'm ready to take on whatever challenges are thrown my way because I know I'm capable of doing anything I set my mind to. I'm proud of where I am standing (currently sitting) right now and I am ready to push myself into gaining the confidence I need back again. 

I've been sitting trying to decide on 10 Facts About Me when to be honest I don't have much to share. I'm an open book and not ashamed to hold anything back so I have nothing left to reveal which s why I'm moving on the the next two. 

What Makes Me Happy: 

There's a whole list of things that make me happy which is why I'm just going to start, Family, Friends, my cat Tiddles (who is Family) Success, Accomplishment, Reading, Writing.. I know there are more but that's just some of the things. 

Embarrassing Moment: 

Gotta be when I was meeting friends at the cinema and instead of walking under the road using the footpath provided I decided to cross the road and then walk down a very steep mucky hill (It'd been raining the night before so was slippery) I climbed over the fence and started walking slowly down the hill.. literally two seconds later I had slipped and got my back and all down my trousers all muddy... a friend quickly reassured me it wasn't so bad and we carried onto the cinema. Later when I got home and checked the damage I was covered in muck! (I'd been to the cinema like that, down the town like that, and also to the shopping centre like that! :() 

What Makes You Happy? Have you had any embarrassing moments?

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