You'd Never Believe it, But...

14 Jul 2015

It's Tuesday, it's Tuesday! How did Tuesday creep up so fast without me knowing, I go away this Friday! I fly this Friday to Birmingham.. a city (Is it a City?) totally new to me and I know for fact I may get lost. I'm hoping not.. and all I need to do is pull up Google Maps if I do. (Logicalness instead of panicking about getting lost - I'm learning)

I honestly cannot believe it's time for Style XL, it seemed like this little thing in the distant future that I was nervous about and NOW it's a few days away.. which I am freaking excited about! The excitement has more strength over the nerves so I'm swaying more to that side and gripping onto the excitement as I really don't want to be nervous and have more anxiety attacks, as what is the point in them bloody things? I'm gonna spend most of Saturday shopping..


I've been leaving packing to the last moment to try and put things to the back of my mind but I think it's time to start packing.. to start getting majorly happy and excited about this. 

So now the most important question I must ask myself is, WHAT DO I PACK?

I only have two days to work this week so on Thursday at 5pm I will be a little like this leaving the office and running to the hairdressers...

Liz Lemon Yay!

and hopefully not falling splat on my face. 

Are you going to Style XL? What are you looking forward to? Worrying about?

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  1. I'll see you on Saturday! Right then, are you flying in on Friday? If stopping at the paragon hotel you have 2 budget ways to get you there - option 1, take the 900 bus in the direction of Birmingham city centre. This will be £2.20 - exact change only. Ask the driver for the stop just before 'the custard factory '. That is pretty much at the end of the road where the hotel is. Your other option is the train to new street station (where I work). This takes between 10-14 minutes and will be no more than £3.60. Its then 15-20 minute walk to the hotel. Feel free to message me if you need any more information. X