Yours are coming to Belfast!

24 Sept 2015

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It's the news I've been waiting quite longingly for.. the news I never thought I'd read! The news that has made my entire day and month and maybe even year (All thanks to a Daisy @ who told me about it) 


I repeat because you might not have heard 


I love shopping as much as the next woman, I'm obsessed and a little addicted to it everyone keeps telling me I have a problem and one shop I LOVE buying from are Yours Clothing. The clothes are beautiful! Especially their dresses. They're nearly ALWAYS a perfect fit! I'm still trying to squeeze into their jeans but we'll get there! It's a working progress... 

I am super excited that the Yours store will be at Castlecourt Shopping Centre in Belfast City Centre  joining other plus-size retailers Evans, Taking Shape AND New Look! Can shopping life get any better than this? Even better is they are opening at the end of this year hopefully around December time so I can nab the perfect dresses for Christmas and the New Year! 

In July I visited my first ever store and had to take a picture (thanks so Daisy again who took it)... it's safe to say I'll not be doing it this time... maybe! ;) 

What do you think of Yours clothes? Do you have a cherished item from them? 
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My £5 Window Shopping Wishlist

17 Sept 2015

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Window Shopping.. It's that time of the month close to payday and I've blow my shopping budget for this month! *Sad Face* who am I kidding I don't have a silly shopping budget, I had planned on not shopping this month but that thought lasted as long as the second it popped into my head! 

I do online window shopping though and one site in particular is Everything 5 Pounds, I'm constantly on their site gazing at all their stunning items and often have more than 6 tabs open at a time. I've never actually purchased from them before though and I'm always hesitant to shop with retailers that are new to me which is why I often drag my sister to Belfast with me to go clothes shopping so I don't force myself to venture online!

Hopefully that's going to change though because this payday I'm determined to purpose something from Everything 5 Pounds... now if only I could decided what... 

Click on the images for more information.

Twist Knot Lurex HeelsEncrusted Bow Open Toe Low Heels
Pink Contrast Yoke Swing DressBlack Contrast Yoke Swing Dress
Bow Side Contrast HeelMid Heel Floral Court Shoes
Dark Green Contrast Trim Open Cardigan

I absolutely LOVE those black heels and the black dress.. plus the green cardigan!

Is there anything you like that I've added? Have you shopping from the site before? Let me know in the comment
Kerry-Ann x

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New Season: New Start!

15 Sept 2015

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From my title it is obvious that I'm revelling in the new season! Autumn! The time for boots, scarves, hats, gloves, heavy coats all whilst walking amongst the leaves on the ground with a nip in the cold air! Plus the time for burgundy, black, grey and that's literally it for my colourful winter wardrobe! 

I'm one in a small minority to admit this because when you do cue the shocked faces, weird glances and the "she's crazy" eyes but I'm not a fan of Summer! Hear me out though! I don't like the heat, I don't like that I'm always warm and it's near impossible to cool down except when I'm using a battery operated hand held fan device blowing hot air into my face.. even then I'm still sweating! There's also the fact when the sun eventually comes out (the bright yellow ball in the sky) it's all WE TALK ABOUT..

So yes.. it's well established I'm not a fan of Summer which is why after my trip to Birmingham in July I decided to  take a short break from blogging. I'm feeling pretty refreshed (even with the common cold) and ready for this new season, a fresh new start but most importantly a whole new wardrobe! #ShoppingExcuses

My summer has been quite jam packed though and I'm going to be sharing all in the next few weeks. My contract in work recently got renewed and I start training pretty soon *smart face on* I've been touristing Newtownards, the town I live and the surrounding areas to share more about all the wonderful places that are right on my doorstep!
The main reason I took a break from blogging was to concentrate on the part of my life that needed the most attention.. ME! I'm happy to say that I gave myself the attention I needed and I'm ready to start blogging again.. There’s a few things I’m looking forward to this coming season apart from the constant shopping and well shopping ..  there’s arranging an Alice and Wonderland themed tea party for my sisters birthday in October, spending a few days in Dublin at the end of this month, designing my own Halloween costume and that's just the topping of what's ahead! 

How was your Summer? Do you enjoy it? Are you looking forward to the cold nights?

Kerry-Ann x
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