OCD: It's time we get real with each other..

13 Oct 2015

OCD: It's time we get real with each other and tell people what it's really like living with you because I think some assume you are really cute but I'm sorry your not!

I see and hear on a daily basis people say *they're so OCD* or *a wee bit OCD* or even that OCD is this little cute or quirky thing you can have while I'm literally screaming inside wanting to tell them that they have no idea what it's actually like living with a stressful, life-changing, debilitating disorder. 

Is it cute when I'm standing staring at a switch that is turned off trying to convince myself it is? Especially when I'd much rather be talking on the phone but because of the length of time it takes me to do my rituals he's fell asleep! Is it quirky when I check and re-check my doors and windows waiting until it feels *just right*. 

Dislike and turn away

I'm tired. I'm so tired with it and some days can be worse than others depending on such small issues.. can I not just have a break or is that too much to secretly wish for? 

Plus is it to much to ask that TV channels stop showing all those OCD cleaning and hoarding related programs because I'm really untidy so if you lived with me I wouldn't be cleaning non stop.. I'd probably be singing, blogging or reading.. you know the usual random stuff I do while avoiding cleaning for as long as I can! 

I hear alot of the time when I mention OCD that it'd be great living with someone who had it but really would it? 

My family have lived with me for 22 years and have NO IDEA what it's like. For so long they believed I had habits or had *my own wee ways* of doing things when in reality they were misinformed. It's time to change the attitude that OCD is a flippant topic to discuss and inform others of the bare truth. It's a horrible, dreadful, life adjusting disorder. 

That's the thing about OCD.. it's really hard to explain what you are about and also how you make me feel which is why I'm glad of OCD Awareness week because for the next week it's time to get people talking about OCD that's why I'm going to be flooding social media, bombarding friends and family plus dropping it into all conversations I can.. 

OCD Awareness week is from 11th - 17th October.

For more information on OCD check out these helpful links below;

Do you, or do you know anyone who has OCD? What do you think of OCD? Is there anything you wish people understand about OCD?

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