Something Wicked this way comes...

31 Oct 2015

Dee dee dee dee dee dee DEE de! Sorry I couldn't resist doing the tune in my head! Good Morning! It's HALLOWEEN, a seasonal holiday which I never celebrate though have decided to this year and in style may I add! 

Trying to choose the perfect outfit is really tiresome, I had no idea the amount of adult costumes available in most retailers and am quite shocked at how long it took me to decide on one when it was literally pretty obvious! A WITCH! The only thing I've ever dressed up as.. though this year without the black bin liner with three holes in it! 

I've also carved some pumpkins and have them sitting out in my front garden ready to greet any trick or treaters, I have a selection of DVDS to start watching in the afternoon which include Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus! (I'm not a fan of scary movies) 

How are you spending your Halloween night? What are you dressing up as? Do you celebrate? Let me know in the comments! :) 

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