29 Dec 2015

Miss Bah Humbug

Christmas is finally over and for me it never really had a chance to begin! All the traditions and plans I'd been looking forward to this year ended up down the drain. In the early hours of Christmas Eve I fell ill.. I had the chills, sweats and a whole list of everything else that rounded it in a little red sparkly bow. Little to say my Christmas Eve was spent in the doctors surgery and then I spent my Christmas Day in bed which continually rolled into Boxing day.. it's been that way since! My energy's been zapped, I've had no appetite plus I never even got to wear my new £60 worth of make-up on Christmas day... or my new clothes and heels.. It really is the little things. *sad face*
I hope Christmas has been good for you and that you got spoilt rotten! Let me know what you got in the comments and tell me how your Christmas was. 

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