The countdown to Christmas..

1 Dec 2015

The countdown to Christmas has finally begun.. it's time to get organised so everything goes as planned without a hitch.. 

So much for my vlogmas everyday in December as I am currently holled up in bed over coming the worst bug ever and finally feel like I'm getting my strength back (All I've done is sleep the last few days) 

Instead of vlogging everyday I am going to blog/vlog everyday so it's a mixture of blogging and also getting starting into the way of vlogging as I'm not used to doing videos. 

So much for my planning I went to wrap presents and I have no cello-tape good thing I have quite abit of time to wrap them! :) Well now I've wrote this post and used up all the energy I had I'm going back to bed to rest up!

Are you taking part in vlogmas or blogmas? Comment below with links and I'll check them out! :) 

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