16 goals to achieve in 2016

1 Jan 2016

Good Morning 2016! 

The wonderful Busy Little Fee had the awesome idea to do a 16in16 blog post including 16 goals we'd all like to accomplish and achieve in 2016! 

After taking some much needed time to reflect upon 2015 it has become clear to me the things I'd like to make a change for the following year and I hope that when I sit down and read over this in July I have achieved at least the majority of my goals.

 Travel More
I really want to make 2016 the year for travelling! I love exploring a city or place that is new to me and all I managed to explore was Dublin and Birmingham in 2015 so *fingers crossed* I'll be sight seeing more! 
 Be Confident in who I am
Confidence is a big thing for me and I need to grow more of it especially if I hope to post more outfits posts and really dive into fashion taking risks and shopping at new stores both the highstreet and online. 
 Manage my Money 
It's time to start managing my money more and taking into consideration my expenses coming in but most importantly going out! I'm going to save a small amount of money each week and record a list of what I spend so I am able to look over and budget each month forward. 
Grow my blogging audience
I have yet to find my niche as people put it but I'm hoping to finally settle things down on my blog and find what's me and what I like blogging about to hopefully grow my blogging audience. 
 Take Photos at a photo booth 
Every year I add this to my goals for the new year and I am 100% serious about completing it n 2016! I want to take photos at a photo booth!

 Start Being More Active 
I should point out this is not a *I want to lose weight* goal. It's a I want to be more active goal! I'm not one bit active and with the new year it's the perfect opportunity to be more Active and get moving! 
 Read More 
I fell out of love with Reading in 2015 and hope to get my passion back! I've taken a break from book blogging to enjoy reading again with the deadline of having to have a review published. 
Give Vlogging a chance 
I can talk better than I can write which is why I want to give vlogging a chance! I'm not that confident as of yet to give it a shot but I'm hoping to change that. I tried vlogging before quite a few years ago and really enjoyed it although stopped once the comments got a bit abusive. Now that I'm older, wiser and not to fussed on what people say O'm going to give it another go! 
Worry Less
I worry to much! Some days go by in a blur all because I've spent them worrying about small little things that I have no control over so for 2016 I want to worry less. 
 Work Harder
It's time to work harder to achieve what I want to do whether in my work or personal life it's time for me to become more focused and succeed in my goals. 
 Ask for Help 
There seems to be a stigma against asking for help and I believe we will all need to ask for help at some point in our lives and I'm choosing to ask for help more. I'm the type of person that will worry for 10 hours over something on my own than ask for help and find a solution in 10 minutes to save all that bother!
 Mind My Head 
I'm minding my head this year and making sure there's mainly positive and happy thoughts being filled. I'm going to really try and not be negative but to be mindful of what I think and what thoughts I fill my head with. 
Smile More Often
Because there are so many things to smile about!
 Relax More
It's time for a time out to relax more! I always seem to be busy and on the move and never have a chance to just sit back, relax and read a book or watch a movie so I am making plans to relax more! 

Be More Bold 
I'm not as bold as some people may assume (though it's hard to believe) which is why I want to be more bold whether in choice of clothes and outfits, make-up or beauty looks. I want to take more risks, chances and be more bold! 

 Enjoy the Year!
I promised myself last year that 2015 would be an amazing year that I'd take chances, be more spontaneous and say yes more. Looking back I believe I achieved all those to the best of my ability and that's why my final goal for 2016 is to have more fun and to enjoy it! I can't wait for Spring/Summer as that seems to be when I get motivated and choose to accomplish certain things but I'm going to make sure 2016 is another incredible year. 

What are your goals for 2016? Tell me below in the comments box below or send me a link to your post so I can check them out. What's your favourite memory of 2015?

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  1. Love these, they seem like really attainable (and mentally healthy!) goals!

    1. Definitely had to have a think about them! Thanks so much for commenting! :)

  2. Like the last photo :)
    Maria V.

    1. Thanks so much! Your blog looks great! :)