A Post Valentines Guest Post

15 Feb 2016

Last week I near jumped for joy when a lady who is one of my favourite people to follow on Twitter agreed to do a little Q&A for Voluptuous Chatterbox and below are her answers... Enjoy! 

Bio from Twitter: 

Anni @RacingBride loves racing | 's PR - | HunnybunnyspeedsuperMcQueenie | DE Fan Site Operator

What does Valentines Day means to you?

When I was in a relationship Valentines day meant  a day full of love and flowers! I never got flowers on any other day so I at least wanted some on Valentines day. 

I heard that Valentines is for the girls and one month later is 'Schniblo' (Schnitzel and blowjob day) for the boys. And yes back in the relationship we celebrated both.

But as most of the people say when you love each other and you are in a relationship then you do not need a special day. You should show your love every day.

As a single – that I am now – I am annoyed by retail trying to make money out of it. Otherwise the day has no special meaning to me.

Fashion or Lingerie! Any opinions? 

I was never wearing anything special or bought anything for Valentines day.

 What is Favourite Valentines Memory?

My Favourite Valentines Memories of being in a relationship is enjoying each other – and I mean really enjoying without any distractions! Simply enjoying togetherness in every way you can.

How do you spend Valentines as a singleton? 

Just spend Valentines day like any other day! And  try not to become crazy that you are single! Be proud and don't listen to retail or media trying to tell you that being Single is something bad.

Budget Valentines! Should we budget more?

Love is a gift that has no value! When it comes to gifts in a relationship: If you really love each other then present your time to your partner! That's the biggest and most valuable gift you can give.

What do women actually want to receive? 

In a relationship all I really wanted was love, togetherness and flowers.

What is your make up inspiration for the day or colour palette? 

I am a natural person and never use Make-Up. I am only having my eyelashes dyed and am using lipstick every now and then.

As I lately broke up after 4 years of being in a relationship my next goal is to avoid males for a certain time. And definitely avoid relationships in the future. I think I am simply not the „relationship type of person.“ In the future I only hope to be in love with race cars ;)

* * * * *
One thing I can agree on.. You know what you're getting with race cars! Annika had shared some great advice which even I'm going to pull on! Whatever your relationship status.. I hope everyone had an amazing day. 

What do you think of the Q&A? Did you enjoy it? How was your Valentines? 

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