It's a Leap Year - Make it count!

29 Feb 2016

What would you do if you had one extra day? Would you tell someone you love them? Take a risk? Pop the question? Say sorry? 

Well today you do - February 2016 is a Leap year which means an extra day so be sure to make it count! If like me you're working and wondering where'd you'll possibly find time to do something? Do not fret I've included a list below to help inspire you to make today a day to remember.

8 Things to do on February 29th

1, Tell someone you love them

2, Log off social media and give your mind a rest 

3, Take time out for YOU - yep that's right, have a coffee, go for lunch, maybe even just sit and enjoy the quiet for 10 minutes.. 

4, Do something you've been putting off! The laundry? Ironing? Imagine the feeling of accomplishment! 

5,  Plan a trip? Book a holiday? Buy tickets for a concert? Having something to look forward to really helps with getting through the days. 

6, Go for a walk? Even the simplest things can end up being the best! (It's also Free) I love going for a walk in the crisp mornings of February noticing the changes in the season. Why not ask a friend to join you? 

7, Do something you've never done before? 

8, And Finally, Ladies Pop the question? I'm a firm believer in anything men can do women can do better so Ladies why not today get down on one knee if you're ready to spend the rest of your life with your partner and propose! You've seen the videos on Youtube of proposals! Go all out!... In the unlikely event they reject the proposal make sure to get your gloves! ;) 

How do you plan on spending your extra day? Let me know in the comments! :)

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