Valentines: What does it mean to you?

9 Feb 2016

What does Valentines Day actually mean to you? Do you love or loathe it? 

To kick of my little Valentines blogging feature I asked readers what their thoughts on Valentines Day were and I am happy to share those opinions with you now. For many people this is a day to cherish, to spend with their loved ones or other half, a night for going out with the girls and even a time to truly fall in love with yourself. 

Honesty is the best policy which is why I'm happy to admit this is my first ever Valentines day whilst in a relationship and I am basically on cloud nine about it. For the last couple of years I've been all about being an empowered woman and spending it as a singleton but.. I'm still being drawn towards shop displays with hearts and flowers it hasn't changed how I feel. I still feel that confidence, empowerment and joy no matter how my relationship status has changed. 

What does Valentines day mean to you? 

For me, Valentine's day is a time for sharing. Whether you are loved up or single, it's a time to get together and show each other some love in your chosen way. Whether it's a romantic meal, a night away or a film fest with junk food and giggles, it should be spent with someone or some people you love and cherish. I believe Valentine's should be related to fun and seen as a chance to make new, loving memories. Gillian ~ Lipstick & Loathing

For me, Valentines Day is about the people you love. Therefore, I tend to spend Valentines Day with my fianc√© (coincidentally, I'll be Mrs Valentine as of next year) and 2 teenage daughters. We treat ourselves to a few boxes of posh chocolates and a bottle of fizz, I cook steak and we all cosy up in our living room with a movie or two. Bliss! Lisa ~ Thirty Something Belle

I have been married to my wife for 16 years and been together for 20 years - valentines day still means a lot as it gives me the chance to spoil her and show her I still love her even after all these years. My favourite memory is when I surprised her with a romantic bath with scented candles, radox and rose petels in the water

Granted it wasn’t the most expensive of gifts but she enjoyed that alone time with peace and quiet from the kids Gifts don’t have to be expensive as shown above it really is the thought the counts even if you make a gift it really can mean more than one brought from a local shop. Kaiden ~ Mr Suttons 

What does Valentines Day mean to you? How will you be spending it? Let us know in the comments! :) 

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