Last weeks update:

Last weeks Monday Motivation was all about organisation which I believe I've succeeded in doing the last 7 days. I prepped and planned my lunches for work, wrote blog posts, organised days to meet with friends, made time to unwind and relax  plus made necessary appointments so I'm hoping that is a good start to being more organised.  

I often find myself sharing motivational quotes and songs without them actually motivating me which is why I'm actually going to put Motivational Monday to good use through trying to achieve something motivational each week that challenges me. 

Monday Motivation: 14/03/16 - I'm Ready for Organisation

Dogs may be a man's best friend but Cupcakes are definitely a woman's and I have had the absolute best cupcakes recently that I've just got to spill all! For quite awhile it seems everyone has been talking about French Village Bakery Cupcakes & Muffins and when I noticed their Cafe was just across the road from where I was staying the night, I dragged my unenthusiastic boyfriend straight over to see what all the fuss was about! (Quick to say once he dug into one he couldn't get enough!)

Happy International Woman's Day! As you know we as women are very lucky to be in the situations we can find ourselves everyday! We are so lucky that there were women out there fighting for our rights, freedom and more which is why I've decided to write a little post on this day which includes speeches, quotes and songs! 

How has the first week in March went by already? I can remember gearing myself up for January thinking it would drag in and now it's March! Did February even get a look in? Where has the time went? 

I'm waking up like a Queen this morning in hotel Dukes at Queens so while I've still got time to stay longer in bed I thought I'd write a little blog post summing up my favourites from January until now. 

Come rain, sun or snow I am a really bad sufferer of dry hands and need to stock up on different hand creams regularly just for an ounce of lasting relief although after year of searching I believe I've found the perfect remedy to stop me buying out the shops! 

It's that time of year when Spring fashion is hitting the highstreets and we're grabbing every inch of sun that's out. Though the weather is still leaving a taste in our mouths and if like me you've got your hot water bottles out I have the perfect giveaway to help you get things heated up without so much as the press of a button! 

20 Facts About Me

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I thought since on my book blog today I'm sharing 20 Bookish Facts About Me HERE I would also share 20 Facts About Me on Voluptuous Chatterbox.. Here goes! 
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