8 Mar 2016

Girls: Who Run the World? Happy International Woman's Day!

Happy International Woman's Day! As you know we as women are very lucky to be in the situations we can find ourselves everyday! We are so lucky that there were women out there fighting for our rights, freedom and more which is why I've decided to write a little post on this day which includes speeches, quotes and songs! 



International Women's Day is about remembering the women through the years who have made a difference as well as the women who continue to do so but we can ALL make a difference. I'm a Feminist - YES I said it because I believe that it is about equality, there is a stigma behind the word that needs to change. Think about how the world would react if women started backing each other, supporting each other and building each other up instead of knocking each other down. What if we stopped trying to be better than somebody else but tried to better ourselves. *She Believed She Could, So She Did.* Why not be the She? 
What do you think of International Womans Day? Are there any Women that you look up to?

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