Monday Motivation: #VoluptuouslyFit

21 Mar 2016

Last weeks update:

Last weeks Monday Motivation was all about organisation which I believe I've succeeded in doing the last 7 days. I prepped and planned my lunches for work, wrote blog posts, organised days to meet with friends, made time to unwind and relax  plus made necessary appointments so I'm hoping that is a good start to being more organised.  

Too much of a good thing can be sickening which is why I've decided to write Monday Motivational posts up until the last Monday in April, that should give me enough time to accomplish everything I need to. 

Monday Motivation - 21/03/16 - #VoluptuouslyFit 

May 2015 I had great expectations and motivation to get fit and unfortunately that didn't happen. That motivation quickly dwindled which is why for the next 7 days it's time to start a brand new fitness and healthy eating plan with achievable goals! 

  • 15 minutes warm up 
  • 30 minutes of walking briskly while each day building it up
  • Start a 30 day fitness challenge 
  • Try to get 8 hours sleep 
  • Plan my work lunches (I've already been doing this but going to continue to)
  • Plan dinners! This is half the struggle, knowing what I'm going to eat
  • look the part (time to buy some active wear)
Do you have any fitness goals? How do you maintain motivation?

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